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Breakthrough Alert: Stem Cell Therapy In A Capsule, Anyone?

It’s no secret how stem cell therapy has been known to effectively treat some illnesses but it hasn’t also been the easiest one to avail of. Now that it is available in a capsule form, this breakthrough is seen as a real game-changer.

Our health and wellness are priceless possessions that need to be taken care of.

However, illnesses and various other health conditions can threaten and impact the physical, emotional and financial well-being of an individual and his loved ones. Depending on the severity of the health condition, many people turn to different kinds of treatment including the unconventional ones. For some, stem cell therapy is considered as a “miracle treatment.”

As indicated in an article, stem cell therapies may offer the potential to treat a number of medical conditions and diseases for which few treatments exist. After all, stem cells are known as the body’s raw materials. Under the right conditions, these cells can regenerate and replace damaged cells. Though stem cell therapy appears to be effective in some treatments, it can be very expensive. 

Recently, GFoxx International introduced an option called Elixir Placenta which is regarded as a “stem cell therapy in a capsule.” Made from New Zealand Deer Placenta, it combines the benefits of stem cell therapy, DNA therapy and anti-inflammatory therapy in one soft gel capsule.

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But why a deer placenta? Studies show that the New Zealand deer placenta is closely similar to the human placenta. These animals from the southern island mountains of New Zealand, live and grow within pristine and pollution-free surroundings.

Here are some things to consider about the “stem cell therapy in a capsule” just in case you’re curious.

Elixir Placenta

It offers treatment benefits for some health conditions. The combination of stem cell therapy, DNA therapy, and anti-inflammatory therapy has been utilized to treat conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart attack, acute lymphoblastic leukemia and other chronic diseases.

It is made up of 14 high-quality ingredients. The capsule’s ingredients have been sourced from different countries and for the sake of transparency, these include the New Zealand Deer Placenta, Angelica Sinesis, grape and olive extract, D-Ribose, yeast extract, Squalene oil, MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), fermented red ginseng, rice bran oil, sea buckthorn oil, Rhodilola Rosea, Black currant seed oil, Fenugreek and Nigela seed oil.

It is considerably less expensive than flying out for stem cell therapy. According to research, a stem cell therapy can cost as much as P10 million pesos and that’s exclusive of airfare, lodging and miscellaneous expenses as some patients usually have to fly to the United States or Sweden to get it. Now that there is an option that comes in a capsule form, the treatment is made more accessible and affordable.

To know more about this capsule, visit If you are considering any form of stem cell therapy, make sure that any supplement or medicine is FDA-approved and learn about the regulations that cover products in the country. As with any other treatments, be properly informed, practice caution and ask for advice from medical experts before proceeding.

Live long and live healthy!