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These Inspiring Ladies Just Shared Their Fitness And Well-Being Resolutions

Get motivated to keep working on your well-being and fitness goals this coming year with these personalities’ and celebrities’ own New Year resolutions

If anything, 2020 has taught us to take care of ourselves—physically, emotionally, and mentally. And as we greet the New Year, let’s set a brand new intention for ourselves so that we may continue looking after our health, fitness, and well-being.

Take some fitness and wellness inspiration from the New Year resolutions of some of the most inspiring ladies today:

Health And Wellness Habits We Learned in 2020 That We’re Bringing With Us In 2021


Health And Wellness Habits We Learned in 2020 That We’re Bringing With Us In 2021

Vanessa Matsunaga

As a model, Vanessa makes sure she is able to take care of her body. But she reminds everyone that being fit goes beyond what people see—it’s also how healthy the inside is that matters.

“This 2021, I plan on prioritizing my overall wellness, to work towards preparing my body and mind to live longer and function better so they can keep up with my spirit. For me, diet and fitness have become more about longevity than aesthetics—but if I can achieve both, then why not?”

Bianca Santiago-Reinoso

As a mom, Bianca’s life revolves around her kids—especially during the pandemic when everyone was forced to stay home. She, however, recognizes that this came not just a challenge, but also a blessing, for her to spend time with her kids and take care of her family.

“Since working out and meditating has been part of my lifestyle and has greatly helped pull me together this 2020, for 2021 I would like to continue influencing my kids to move, be mindful, and get them to join my husband and I as we continue to get strong for them. Kids have been home for so long with less opportunity to play and be their active selves outdoors, so this would be great for the new year.”

Kat Tan

When Kat lost her left arm due to an accident, she didn’t let her injury stop her from achieving her dreams. In fact, she is now an amazing basketball player who has been recognized by her idol, the late Kobe Bryant himself. This coming year, she encourages everyone to follow her footsteps and always aim to overcome our limits.

“When you think you can’t go any further, just try and take one step forward, and another, then you just keep going. Stay hungry, never settle for average. I refuse to be ordinary for I am bound to be legendary. I also remind myself that my limitations is only in my imagination.”  

Angely Dub

As a passionate traveler and entrepreneur, Angely has always been on the go, chasing aggressively after what her mind and heart tells her to do. As she turns 30 this coming year, she says she’s come to realize how important it is to not just go all out with your career and personal life, but also know how to listen and take care of your body’s needs.

“I’m turning 30, so it’s more of going inward and from there, I think everything will reflect. I want to work more on feeding myself—and it’s not just the food, but what I’m feeding myself mentally and emotionally. It’s understanding my needs as I go on my 30s journey because in my 20s, I tended to be reckless because of the freedom of youth. But now as I approach a new decade in my life, I want to work on the mistakes that I’ve done in my 20s, and prepare more responsibly for the next years of my life.”

Bubbles Paraiso

Bubbles has always been a fitness inspiration for many, as a triathlete and yoga instructor. But for her, working on your fitness and well-being does not stop when you reach your goals. She reminds everyone—and herself—that fitness and health is an ongoing process and journey that you have to keep working on every single day.

“For 2021, I want to maintain the momentum I’ve built fitness and wellness-wise. I’ll continue working on keeping my mind and body fit through regular meditation and getting the body moving every single day.”

Aliza Apostol-Goco

Aliza has been a solid fitspiration not just for moms, but for everyone. She is definitely a motivation to many women who think it’s hard to make time to take care of oneself while juggling personal, family, and work responsibilities.

“2020 was the year I invested in myself. I really took time to take care of myself by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and made sure I create a clean and comfortable living space for my family. For 2021, I shall still continue what I started in 2020. And maybe cook more.”

Rica Dakudao Buenaflor

Rica has always been a food lover and innovative chef, and in the last years, her brand Que Rica has become bigger and more successful in bringing healthy Bicol flavors to the wider metro market. She believes that health starts with the food that we eat so if we focus on introducing only the good stuff to our bodies, that’s already our first step towards a healthier body.

“For 2021, I’ll try to work towards a more plant-based diet. Plant-based on weekdays and animal products only on weekends as indulgence. I also want to work towards an all-local ingredients menu.”

Kat Garcia

Kat Garcia of Body By Mama Kat has been the go-to trainer of many celebrities such as Kath Bernardo and Bea Alonzo. She has always been a proponent of fitness and taking care of oneself through workout and exercise, because she believes that building your body’s strength is essential to a good and longer life. This year, she encourages everyone to start or continue working hard, and follow her mantra: “Laziness fuels laziness, so don't allow that.”

“My New Year’s resolution is to continue fueling my purpose as a fitness and wellness authority by sharing my work and passion for a healthy lifestyle. I want everyone to see that it's possible to grow younger and that the golden ticket to achieving one’s dream is actually a fit and healthy body.”

Vanna Garcia

As a superwoman juggling motherhood, interior design, a skin clinic, and her blog, Vanna remains an inspiration for many mothers and women-on-the-go. For her, it’s all about finding the right balance of work and making time for yourself, so that you’re recharging yourself properly for every endeavor and task that you set yourself out to do.

“2020 made me realize the important practice of discipline towards being mindful of what you eat and finding the time for proper exercise. I have discovered what my body can take and what my body can’t. I would like to continue with that this 2021, hopefully with more improvements and wisdom about it!”

Shari Poquiz

Shari is a great reminder that fitness goes beyond looking good or achieving physical feats. There may be days that we feel unmotivated, but she reminds us to always listen to our bodies and stick to the reasons why we are working for a healthier self.

“My health and fitness resolution for 2021 is to always remember and remind myself that my goal to live a fit and healthy lifestyle is long-term, not short-term. It’s so that I am able to do sports and keep up with my kids well into their adulthood, and to be able to still do what I’m doing now until I’m 70. This is what moves me to get up and lift weights—even if I feel the excuses in my head coming up. It’s all about maintaining a sustainable fitness and nutrition.”

Joanne Yu

As the co-founder of beauty clinic Skin House Laser, Joanne knows a thing or two about taking care of oneself. The pandemic has been challenging for her business, and they were forced to pivot and reinvent their strategies, but it has been a great lesson that only strengthened her resolve to keep striving to better not just her business, but also herself. So, for the next year, Joanne is keeping it simple.

“I’d like to really strengthen my mind and body this coming new year.”

Sara Black

For 16 years, Sara Black has always been known for her evocative portrait photography. But after a life-altering journey to India, where she learned about yoga and meditation, she has truly become a source of light not just for herself, but for those around her. Just like before every yoga practice, Sara sets an intention before heading into the next year. And she urges us to do the same—to find what you need and work towards that on your own pace and your own terms.

“This 2021, I’m setting my intention to keep listening to my body and be more in tune with its natural flow.”

Lead photos via @seethelight.bethelight, @vanessamatsunaga, @bubblesparaiso, and @bodybymamakat

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