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Cracked Heel, Dry Skin, Sweat Feet? Get This Pampering And Healing Treatment At French Tips!

With French Tips’ newest Footlogix Foot Therapy, you don’t only get to pamper your feet—you also get a medically tested treatment designed to care for and heal your feet woes.

Everyone loves a good foot spa and pedicure session. But what if you can elevate your spa session with the medical and healing powers of the world’s first and only pediceutical foot care line?

French Tips is indeed closing the year with a bang as they launch their newest Footlogix Foot Therapy with Canadian brand Footlogix.

Footlogix Foot Therapy

So what’s this new foot treatment that French Tips is offering? Basically, it’s an add-on to your usual foot spa treatment that can remedy all kinds of foot problems—cracked heels, dry and peeling skin, sweaty feet, even stinky feet! So you’re not just going for a pampering session; your feet is also receiving that care and healing that it deserves after a long day of walking or working out.

Footlogix is an international brand that’s known for being the only foot therapy healing system that’s medically recognized in the world. It is tested by doctors and has footprint (pun intended!) in over 55 countries.

This is actually the first time that Footlogix is being offered outside of fancy hotel spas in the Philippines. And you know what that means—it’s more affordable! got a firsthand try at the Footlogix Foot Therapy and we’ve got the tea for you.

The whole foot spa treatment is quick and easy, perfect for women who are on the go and needs to quickly pop in and out of the spa. After a foot bath with the Footlogix Foot Soak, the feet is then exfoliated with the Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub. The Callus Softener is also applied if needed, and then the DD Cream Mouse. The mousse is one of the most important steps in the whole treatment because it’s a pioneer product of Footlogix, designed to be anti-aging, moisturizing, and rejuvenating. A thorough massage is then performed after to help the skin absorb the nutrients from the products used, and adds a pampering touch to the whole treatment, too.


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The whole Footlogix system

The results? Baby smooth skin! It’s refreshing and relaxing—and plus points because you know that your feet gets that extra medical help.

Depends on your condition then—whether you have excessively sweaty feet, calloused skin, caracked heel, peeling skin, or even nail fungus—Footlogix offers a specialized home care treatment that you can buy in-store, to help you treat your condition until you go back for your next treatment. For extreme cases, it’s recommended to go at least every two weeks.

Inside French Tips Organics nail salon at SM Aura Premier Inside French Tips Organics nail salon at SM Aura Premier
Inside French Tips Organics nail salon at SM Aura Premier Inside French Tips Organics nail salon at SM Aura Premier


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Love for the environment

Footlogix fits right into French Tips’ branding as the only eco-chic salon in the Metro. In all of its branches, French Tips tries to be as sustainable as they can. They try to limit their waste and eliminate single-use plastic in every way then can, use wooden basins for soaking, and even offer organic spa treatments and nail polish.

That’s why all of Footlogix’s products are vegan and cruelty-free. This makes their treatments safe for kids, people with diabetes, and pregnant women. Self-care can really be caring for Mother Earth, too!


Footlogix Foot Therapy is available in all French Tips branches in the metro. And as an introductory promo, they’re offering the therapy at a discounted price of P950, only until February 2020.