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All Things Menthol: A Cooling Ingredient That Relieves And Heals The Mind And Body

It's not just a 'lola' thing!

Having a handy mentholated remedy in our pockets always brings incredible relief, whether applied from your favorite beauty or wellness product or inhaled in the air thanks to your trusty air purifier. A whiff sends an instant relief to our body, signaling the cooling and healing sensations that come next.

No wonder it’s one of the scents we love. But more than the refreshing shock it offers us, its wondrous benefits win us over. 

Menthol is an ingredient naturally derived from different mint oils, like peppermint, spearmint, and other species under the Mentha family. It has numerous medicinal properties, and has been proven effective in alleviating colds and cough, body aches, skin irritation, and more. This all-around wonder makes it a staple must-have in the household, for an easy, convenient, yet effective way to soothe our worries.

When used with other active ingredients, such as eucalyptus and camphor, these essential oils complement one other, therefore raising its efficacy higher. Add the cooling, calming, and soothing sensation, which also helps in reducing stress levels and encourage relaxation.

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If you’re a fan of all things menthol and its other invigorating essential oil friends, why not stock up on goodies packed with this ingredient? In the gallery below, find our recommendations—from skincare to spa treats and more. Check them out and get ready to add to cart: