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Protect Your Household Staff And Anyone That Goes In And Out Of The House From COVID-19

Minimize or totally avoid risk of viral infection by orienting your household staff and anyone else that steps out of the house about these COVID-19 safety measures.

We're on week two of the community quarantine and to say that life has been surreal is an understatement. Being tasked to stay home seems like an easy thing to do, but for a lot of Filipinos (as well as other people in other parts of the world), staying home means no income, and no food to eat.

The anxiety that comes along with this experience has never felt more real, and with each passing day, we can only pray for the best, and take the challenge head on, one day at a time.


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Part of that challenge is the need to still step out of the house for important errands like heading to the grocery, the drug store, or the bank. Whether your designated errand runner is your household helper or yourself, it's important to orient each and every one about the proper safety protocols to observe. 

There are a couple of online groceries still operating, but certain areas have more difficulty when it comes to deliveries, so the need to head out still exists. 


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Before going into safety protocol orientation mode with your household staff, the best thing to do is to find time to talk to them about everything that's happening outside, explaining why this is happening, and how you can help them and their families. Our helpers may not necessarily have all the information they need, so it is our responsibility to keep them up to speed about what is going on in the country.

Find out how they're feeling both physically and emotionally, so you can act on whatever needs to be addressed right away. Some helpful tips for extending help and guidance to your staff are as follows:

  • Give them their share of daily vitamins;
  • Encourage them to eat properly, and allow them to get their share of nutritious food as well;
  • Specify times for rest and proper sleep;
  • Allow them to check in with their loved ones;
  • Ask how they are from time to time;
  • If you are able, extend an advance of their salary so they can also address their needs;
  • Supply them with protective face masks, alcohol, sanitizer, and soap for washing;
  • Encourage them to practice excellent personal hygiene by doing frequent hand washing with soap and bathing regularly;
  • Ask them to avoid going out of the house to chat with neighbors' staff for the meantime, or teach them how to practice proper social distancing.

Ahead, some proper protocols to observe and keep in mind during this entire COVID-19 threat. These guidelines don't just apply to your household help but to anyone that steps out of the house such as the quarantine pass holders, etc. Educate yourself on these important guidelines to prevent, and eventually eliminate the Coronavirus scare in your community, and eventually, the rest of the country and the world. Stay safe!

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Protocols When Entering Your Home Protocols When Entering Your Home | Mango News


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