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5 Fail-Safe Ways To Reset From The Indulgent Holidays, According To These Self-Made Women

The merriment is over, the pounds and stress are back. Check out what these personalities have to say about their favorite ways to reset and start the year fresh!

I write this as I head back for my first work day of the week, armed with a holiday break filled to the brim with get-togethers, travels, and tons of indulgent food sessions in between. Coupled with holiday stress and less than optimal number of hours of sleep, it was predictable that I indeed faced 2020 needing a hard reset—one that gives my mind and body the chance to rest, relax, and get back on track.

We had a little too much fun over the holidays, how about you? We had a little too much fun over the holidays, how about you? | @violetgrey


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Personally, I like to catch up on my ZZZs as well as up my water intake everyday, to help flush out extra toxins incurred the past couple of weeks. I also supplement my meals with vitamins and superfoods, to help my body repair from all the damage.

Here, we asked five accomplished women, all passionate in their own fields, about their fail-safe ways to reset after an indulgent holiday season! We wanted to find out what they do after surviving their busy schedules and even busier social calendars. Check out what they had to say:

Sara Black, Mindfulness Coach 

"My favorite way to reset is with a retreat that's why I am delivering one this weekend at The Farm! It's as much an opportunity for me to integrate as it is to share energy with others."

Check out Sara Black's upcoming retreats and classes here.

Hindy Weber Hindy Weber | @hindyweber

Hindy Weber, Organic Farmer, Entrepreneur

"I detox from alcohol, coffee, and desserts for a month to two months!"


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Mari Jasmine Mari Jasmine | @marijasmine

Mari Jasmine, Digital Content Creator 

"My yoga practice! It's such a wonderful way to restore both the mind and the body!"


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Valerie de los Santos Valerie de los Santos | @valeriedls

Valerie de los Santos, Yoga Instructor 

"What I love doing is spoil myself a little more—I get a facial, a massage, a manicure, a foot spa. It makes me feel all the more ready for the coming new year."


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Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles | @cole_hernandez

Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles, Digital Content Creator

"I like going for a beauty day at Belo! My go-tos are a facial cleaning and a vitamin drip!"


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Lead photos from @valeriedls, @cole_hernandez, @marijasmine, @seethelight.bethelight, and @hindyweber