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Why Infratherapy is the Hottest Wellness Ritual for 2022

The Vital Dome, a French-designed full-body sauna bed comes highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being

If you’re a wellness connoisseur like me: chances are you’ve stumbled upon the latest craze of using an infrared sauna bed.

The use of a sauna was derived from a type of bathing ritual described by the Greek writer Herodotus: He described how the inhabitants of Scythia in Central Eurasia threw water with hempseed on heated stones creating a rather intoxicating steam.

It was the Finnish, however, with whom the present-day sauna is most identified. They even made it as a sort of national tradition. The Finns built compact, wooden enclosures near the edge of lakes. Inside were rows of natural flat stones with fire space underneath.

Wood was then burned to heat up the stones. When the stones reached a certain temperature, cold water was thrown on it to create hot steam. While in the steam hut, the bathers would then beat themselves with branches or paddles until their skin was red, hot and tingling. They would then dive headfirst into the cold water outside or during winter they would roll themselves in the snow.

This practice of extreme changes in body temperature were believed to have a therapeutic effect on circulatory function and general well-being. The traditional Finnish saunas work by heating the air, with temperatures ranging between 180 and 200 degrees for the body to sweat profusely.

Photo by HUUM on Unsplash
Photo by HUUM on Unsplash


In comparison, an infrared sauna heats up the inside of the body direct, at an average 150 degrees Fahrenheit or 65 celsius. Unlike the traditional steam or dry sauna, the infrared heat can penetrate up to 4 cm or deeper within the body, producing even more sweat. 

Infrared is the invisible part of the solar spectrum, so with regular use the body is able to get the benefits of sun exposure, without being exposed to the harmful UV rays.



After two years of endless lockdown and the loss of my regular gym routine, I decided to invest in my own personal infrared sauna bed. 

I got my first trial back in 2019 at this clinic I used to frequent in Makati. I enrolled for ten sessions I think, which cost me an average of P7,000.00 per session.

I was the type of person who didn’t sweat easily (sometimes, I wouldn’t sweat at all), so enrolling myself in a sauna treatment seem a sensible way to help boost my sluggish metabolism.

But the pandemic happened in 2020 and I couldn’t go back to the clinic regularly anymore. So, by June 2021 I decided to purchase my own infrared bed.

Vital Dome

The Vital Dome is a French-designed, full-body sauna bed made with an advanced black carbon heating panel. It was created specifically for health nuts like me who are looking for an effective way to detoxify and cleanse the body.

It emits far infrared heat that penetrates the body from within, with 36 settings ranging from 37 to 80 degrees Celsius. Heating the body from the inside, the Vital Dome treatment is able to work on the cellular level improving tissue healing, clear systemic functions, increase blood circulation, promote oxygen supply, reduce chronic muscle and joint aches and pains, promotes relaxation, helps promote a good night’s sleep, increase endorphins, relieve anxiety and stress.

The prescribed session is 45 minutes in most commercial clinics. But since I purchased my own, I program mine at 60 minutes with temperatures ranging from 65 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Photo: Vital Dome Global
Photo: Vital Dome Global

The entire body is covered by the carbon dome from the shoulders down, leaving my head free and relaxed outside. What’s nice is that I could easily lie on my side, so that I am able to face the TV screen and watch my favorite shows while my body undergoes the treatment. Sometimes when I am very tired, I even fall asleep while my body continues to sweat profusely.

After every treatment, my mind is calm and clearer. There’s a general feeling of lightness and relief.

The Vital Dome is also able to get rid of inflammation or any muscle tightness. Because I have been doing this almost every night for the last six months, I have better sleep quality. My skin looks better, firmer and healthier too.

The best health benefit however is that all my chronic stress, anxieties and depression seem to have magically disappeared. I now have a more positive and relaxed outlook in life enabling me to perform better at work.

The good news is that Vital Dome is now available in the Philippines through its exclusive distributor i3 Inc. I consider it the best purchase I made during the pandemic. Sure, it is not cheap and not everyone can afford it. But is there really a price cap to achieving good health? I highly recommend it to those with disposable income who are looking to improve their health and well-being. 

For more information about Vital Dome Philippines, you can check them out on Facebook and Instagram or visit

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