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Boost Your Immunity Better Amidst COVID-19 Threat with an IV Drip or IV Laser Therapy

These are some of the ways you can boost your immune system further, apart from vitamins, a good diet, and regular workouts!

All this talk about boosting one's immunity as defense against the COVID-19 scare has got us thinking: surely there are other ways to do it apart from double dosing on oral vitamin C!

These days of uncertainty, the only real way we can protect ourselves is by taking necessary precautionary measures, and helping our own bodies get ready to fight off any disease. Whether it be COVID-19 or not, we should always be in fighting form, so we know we've got a good chance at speedy recovery in the unlikely event that we catch any illness.


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It's hard not to get paranoid these days—the slightest nose itch or cough immediately drives our brains into overdrive. How do we avoid the paranoia and use our energy to ensure we're prepared? We say use these times of uncertainty to build yourself up, and some ways we love to do this is by regularly getting an IV drip and IV laser therapy!


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IV Drip vs. IV Laser Therapy

We spoke to Dr. Candy Dalman of Centro Holistico, and asked for her expert advise about what is best for this kind of threat. She shared that these two treatments have different mechanisms of action. "The IV Laser Therapy, which is a light therapy, helps at the cellular level. The different light colors help with different things. For the immune system, we recommend a combination of the red and violet. It provides natural energy required for the cells to heal, increase blood and oxygen flow to the body, and can have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal effects."

IV Laser Therapy | @theelixirclinic

The IV Nutrient Therapy (or IV Drip) on the other hand, "is high levels of micronutrients and antioxidants. It helps the immune system by giving it the nutrients it needs to function properly." These beneficial micronutrients and antioxidants go straight into the bloodstream, and is done while you are comfortably seated on a chair, reading a book or watching a movie. 

Scared of needles? Don't be. The tolerable discomfort at the beginning is worth it. The staff handling these treatments are well-trained, and a consultation with a medical doctor is done before you proceed with it. Dr. Candy goes on to say that "basically both IV treatments help make your immune system function better. They help your body heal better." 


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