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Here’s Where To Book Your Covid-19 Swab Test At Home For Upcoming Holiday Gatherings

Just to be sure, get tested for Covid-19 before your holiday get-togethers!

With the holidays upon us and the quarantine restrictions easing up, more people are now organizing small and intimate get-togethers between family members and friends.

While small gatherings are now allowed, people from different households coming together in one place still poses some risk, especially when proper social distancing measures are not in place. To err on the safe side, it would be best for everyone to undergo a Covid-19 test before the party.

Antigen test – the most affordable and reliable test

Currently, there are three types of Covid-19 tests available for the public: molecular tests like RT-PCR, the antigen test, and antibody test.

Molecular tests—most commonly available as RT-PCR—remain to be the gold standard for Covid-19 testing. The test is conducted through nasal or throat swab, with results available in 3-5 days. This test is highly accurate and typically does not need to be repeated. It’s able diagnose active coronavirus infections, but can’t show if you were infected in the past.

Antibody tests, on the other hand, look for antibodies made by the immune system in response to the coronavirus, to determine whether you’ve had Covid-19 before. To conduct an antibody test, your blood is taken as a sample through finger stick or blood draw. Usually, a second antibody test is needed for more accurate results.

Antigen tests, just like molecular RT-PCR tests, are a kind of diagnostic test that can show you if you have an active coronavirus infection. It also takes a sample through a nasal or throat swab, but is much faster than RT-PCR. Results can be received in as quickly as 30 minutes after your test. Antigen tests are highly accurate, more so than antibody tests. However, those who test negative on an antigen test but are experiencing symptoms or may have had exposure to a Covid-positive individual are recommended to take a further RT-PCR test.

Catch The REVIV Wellness Mobile To Help You Banish Stress And Improve Your Health


Catch The REVIV Wellness Mobile To Help You Banish Stress And Improve Your Health

Given these three options, the antigen test is currently the most affordable and quickest Covid-19 test that can deliver highly accurate results. This is why if you’re coming together for the holidays, this is the perfect option for all of the guests to take, since there are clinics who offer at-home and group antigen tests. Results also take less than an hour, so guests don’t need to go out of the way to do it; they can take the test right before the gathering, in the safety of the host’s home.

Here are some clinics offering at-home antigen tests, with discounts for group packages.

There Are Three Different COVID Tests—Do You Know What Each Is For?


There Are Three Different COVID Tests—Do You Know What Each Is For?


LabMobile is a clinic dedicated solely to offering antigen swab tests through drive-through swabbing stations and at-home service. They are partnered with Borough Medical Clinics, an experienced player in the medical industry that’s operating DOH-licensed clinical laboratories since 2004.

To book your antigen test at home, all you have to do is visit their website and book from there.

If you’re booking for a home service for more than 5 people, they’re offering a discounted rate of P2,300 per antigen test. For more than 25 people, a discounted rate of P1,900 per test is given. Results will be sent via e-mail in just one hour.

BeSafe MD

BeSafe MD is another mobile clinic that offers drive-thru or home service RT PCR, antigen, and antibody tests. They also offer vaccines for influence and pneumonia. 

For at-home antigen tests, prices start at P2,200 with results within 15-30 minutes. Prices may vary depending on your location and on the number of people getting tested, so you may message their Facebook page at BeSafe MD to get a quotation.

Lab on the Run

Lab on the Run specializes on providing on-site medical and laboratory services, including antigen swab tests. All tests are conducted and interpreted by an accredited clinical and anatomic pathologist, and all sessions include a short lecture on Covid-19 prevention and safety measures.

For group bookings, 9 people and below are charged at P2,800 per head plus transportation fee. For 10 people and up, prices are at P2,500 per head. For 30 people and more, tests are at P2,400 per head.

Send them a message on Facebook to book.


Aide is one of the leading home care service providers in the greater Metro Manila area, offering doctor’s appointments, laboratory tests, vaccinations, physical therapy, nursing care, medicine delivery and Covid-19 tests all through their proprietary app.

For at-home antigen swab test services, Aide assures that only medical doctors will facilitate and administer the test, which comes with a medical history assessment, quick check-up, and post-procedure protocols depending on your results.

For group bookings, prices per test vary depending on the number of people that will take the test. For small gatherings of 6-10 people, antigen tests are priced at P3,250 per person.

Bookings and payment can all be maid through their app, which you can download here.

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