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Latest Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In The Philippines, And How To Fight The Virus

The country confirms more cases of the virus, adding to the rapidly rising global count. Check out these reminders to help you stay healthy amidst the threat.

Having been in the midst of the COVID-19 a.k.a Coronavirus threat for more than a month now, the global panic regarding the issue has definitely escalated due to countless developments: rapidly increasing number of confirmed cases in countries like South Korea, Italy, and Iran, as well as a number of other countries that have confirmed their very first cases; the threat of full-on pandemic according to the World Health Organization; and the absence of a legitimate vaccine (despite numerous news about countries hurriedly developing one).

Here in the Philippines, our confirmed cases has been at three (3) for a number of weeks, with hundreds of persons under investigation all testing negative for the feared virus. That statistic has then changed, with the latest announcement of the country's 4th and 5th confirmed cases, making us worry yet again about local transmission, as well as confirmed cases that are yet to be identified, unknowingly lurking in our midst.


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Apart from these two confirmed cases added to the national tally, two foreigners who have come from the Philippines recently have tested positive for COVID-19, one in Taiwan, and one in Australia. This only begs the question: are there more infected individuals roaming around the country untested and unidentified? 

While the last thing we should do is panic, we must keep our vigilance high and fend for ourselves and our loved ones, making sure to keep our own health in check, doing the necessary precautionary practices to ward off any threat.

What are we Filipinos to do in the midst of uncertain situations? We say stay updated, be informed about local developments, stay away from public exposure as much as possible, and continue to build your own immunity to aid in fighting off any sort of virus that could be in the air.

Apart from the much talked about COVID-19, the common flu a.k.a. the Influenza virus is very much still alive and in our midst, and can also threaten our health when we least expect it. Lest we put too much focus on just the newest strain of Coronavirus, keeping our health in check in all aspects is of utmost importance.


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Avoid stress, practice intentional hygiene, eat a varied diet of fruits and vegetables as well as beneficial probiotics for your gut, drink lots of water throughout the day, up your dosage of immune-boosting vitamins. 

If you are feeling sick, consult your physician immediately, and wear protective masks to avoid further spreading of germs to your surroundings. These days, it is best to be highly responsible about our own actions, and not just treat others as potential virus carriers. Be considerate, be mindful, and stay vigilant! With these in mind, in our own little ways, we can help prevent the further spreading of the disease. 


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