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We Tried Cryotherapy At Fixilab Therapy Clinic. Here's What Happened!

The first-ever health and wellness laboratory in the Philippines aims to improve overall wellness through innovative science-backed methods

The pandemic marked a turning point in our attitude towards health and wellness, propelling us to take a more proactive approach in taking care of ourselves. We do our best to sleep better, eat well, exercise regularly, and keep tabs on our mental wellbeing; we seek out alternative approaches that address pain relief, injury prevention, and performance enhancement to further improve the quality of our lives. 

Rockwell Atletica And Electric Studio Stage An Outdoor Ride To Remember


Rockwell Atletica And Electric Studio Stage An Outdoor Ride To Remember

Fixilab Future Therapy Clinic is one such venue for those who are after progressive solutions that speed up and complement the body’s natural healing and recovery process. You don’t have to be dealing with a medical condition to visit the clinic; the therapists assess your lifestyle habits during consultation and suggest the type of treatment that will be most beneficial to your present concerns.

As someone who leads an active lifestyle but has poor sleeping patterns, I was recommended to try cryotherapy and air pressure lymphatic treatment to aid in my recovery. Coming from an intense strength class the night prior, I was looking forward to doing away with the soreness and getting back in top form for my next workouts. 


Cryotherapy basically involves you stepping into a hollow, cylindrical device, where you are blasted with extremely cold liquid nitrogen (a rough estimate of anywhere between -100 and -140 degrees Celsius) for about three minutes. This freezes and destroys abnormal tissue while releasing endorphins that relax the muscles. Noted benefits include the following: speedy muscle recovery, relief for joint paint and body fatigue, improved cognitive functions, better sleeping patterns, and a boosted immune system. It is a safe procedure with no side effects—just some minor discomfort if you are very sensitive to cold temperatures. 

Cryotherapy benefits

The air pressure lymphatic massage treatment has you wrapped in a special bodysuit that compresses your legs, arms, and abdomen, aiding in lymphatic drainage, toxin removal, collagen production, and metabolism speed. It relieves muscle pains and swelling and slims and tones the body as well. Both treatments definitely helped ease my post-workout soreness! I was done in about an hour; if you keep a tight schedule, there’s definitely time to squeeze in a treatment on your next recovery day. 

Air Pressure Lymphatic Treatment

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Fixilab Future Therapy Clinic is located at Princess Building, 104 Esteban Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. To book a consultation, go to and fill up the contact form. You can also reach the lab at +63 9176226710.