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Not All Soaps Are Created Equal: Soap Preference Matters

Why it’s important to check your chosen product’s formulation, and why you should upgrade to Safeguard’s liquid soap

The paranoia of contacting diseases with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing has undeniably increased. While for sure most of us have been in the habit of hand washing and disinfecting with alcohol spray and sanitizers in the past, the current health concern made us extra careful with the products we use. Yes, you are not alone!

Our health is indeed a priority, more so are our family’s well-being. When it comes to maintaining clean hands which get in contact with viruses, it’s important to take note of the kind of soaps that we use. Does this really kill germs, bacteria, and viruses that may harm our loved ones? Does this not cause irritation? Is it guaranteed to be safe for members of our families of all ages?

Such questions come to mind, and being meticulous about our options, especially now more than ever, should be practiced. Sure, random bar soaps or even your favorite rose-scented bar could do the job well. But when it comes to maintaining cleanliness without causing dryness to skin due to excessive washes that could later on develop into skin allergies, your mindful choices matter.


Alcohol, sanitizers, and soap

First things first, alcohol and hand sanitizers are great tools to fight off the spread of disease, especially when you’re outdoors and there is no access to running water and soap. However, these do the job well only if the formulation is strong enough. According to an article from Insider, a 2020 review of alcohol-based hand sanitizers proved that sanitizers with a 60% to 95% alcohol formulation kill germs most effectively, provided that at least 2.4 milliliters of the product was applied for 25 to 30 seconds. While this option is said to be less irritating compared to hand washing with soap and water, which removes debris from skin, it still can cause cracking and drying.

Then again, hand washing is still your best bet when it comes to practicing sanitary measures, as it thoroughly washes away dirt as well as microorganisms that could be hanging around on your skin. In order to prevent dry, inflamed skin, checking your soap’s formulation could do wonders.

Both bar soap and liquid soap are effective in lifting off the ickies—but they also differ in ways. Bar soap, while great for those who like their hands squeaky clean, can eventually accumulate some bacteria if left in the open for a while, (READ: Insider). It can also contact germs from a sick family member especially if you’re all just using one product, which can put the whole household at risk.


The hygienic advantage

A trusted brand in keeping our families safe from germs for decades, Safeguard’s Liquid Hand Soap and the new Safeguard Foaming Hand Soap are your next best alternatives in upgrading your sanitary protocols whether you’re indoors or out. It removes 99.9% of germs and protects you and your family even after washing so you’ll feel much safer using it compared to just ordinary handwash. Plus, the scent variants from the original Pure White to the newer Lemon Fresh, makes cleansing more encouraging and definitely 100% fun!


With the choices laid in front of you, it’s your turn to step up the hand washing game as we continue the fight with COVID-19.

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