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The Medical City Clarifies Admittance of COVID-19 PUIs With This Official Statement

Renouncing fear mongering and misinformation, the medical group addressed the leaked internal memo with a strong statement

One of the biggest pitfalls we face regarding COVID-19 or the new Coronavirus epidemic, is the degree of misinformation that we’ve been seeing. From unverified statements, speculations, and now, leaked memos, the internet is rife with all these. Adding to the confusion are the leaked memos of The Medical City, which indicated that the hospital will temporarily stop admitting all Persons Under Investigation (PUI). This is due to the load of the 3 confirmed cases and several admitted PUIs under their care, and their available manpower no longer be able to care for additional patients.

As this unsigned memo went around various chat groups, Metro.Style sought confirmation first from The Medical City, and was told that they would release a statement shortly. The Metro.Style team has constantly been seeking the expertise of TMC in our stories on COVID-19 as far back as January, when news of Coronavirus came out.

Here is the statement in full, dated March 11, 2020, 12 noon, and signed by The Medical City President and CEO, Eugenio Jose F. Ramos, MD.


Our key takeaways from this:

1. The Medical City is handling a big number of confirmed cases and PUIs. It currently has 8 confirmed cases of COVID-19 under its care, and in one night, the Emergency Department handled 31 PUIs. The number “exceeded the daily load that our health-care front-liners have to attend to in the Emergency Department, in addition to all the other non-COVID-19 cases in the hospital.”

2. Handling PUIs is a deliberate, systematic process, because the rest of the patients should not risk exposure. The statement explains this further: “Handling PUls is a tedious systematic task that is guided by a scientifically-validated algorithm. A revision in patient traffic flow inside and around our hospital and an isolated and protection section in the hospital for PUIs are in place.” This would guarantee the safety of other patients or other medical practitioners. 

3. Despite the protective gear, hospital nurses and staff aren’t 100% immune, they can still be exposed to the virus. “While our hospital staff wear the prescribed protective gears and follow the prescribed protocols, exposure to the virus cannot be 100% avoided. Upon exposure to eventually-confirmed cases, mandatory quarantine of our healthcare staff for 14 days is strictly followed.” Fatigue and burnout are also possible repercussions. 

4. The most troubling part about the leaked memo, is that it triggers fear and misinformation. This decision was really a matter of logistics and protocols. “Last night, seeing that an acceptable balance had to be maintained between following globally-mandated protocols to address a sudden surge and the capacity of our hospital to mobilize a fully-equipped and protected staff, an internal memo from the head of our Epidemic Rapid Response Team (ERRT) meant to temporarily control the in-flow of new cases was unfortunately leaked to the social media…” the statement said. 

5. As so declared: The Medical City—with its 6 hospitals—will be open to all patients as long as their capacity allows it. “…as this epidemic evolves in ways that we cannot but must anticipate, The Medical City, ever so proud of its Epidemic Rapid Response Team as well as its entire hospital staff, will remain open to all patients who deserve our care, for as long as our capacity to do so allows it.” They also shared future plans of paying a big role in the worldwide crisis in the days to come.

6. The spread of fear and misinformation is much like the virus. “The COVID-19 virus is our main focus; we can contain its spread. The virus of fear and misinformation is the bigger enemy that we cannot seem to win over. Let's try, anyway!” 


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