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This Is The Right Way To Sneeze And Cough, To Prevent The Spread of Bacteria

Contrary to popular belief, covering your mouth and nose is not the best way to prevent bacteria from spreading!

These days, the simple act of coughing or sneezing in public can make people avoid you, or even blatantly move away from your perimeter. We can't blame them though—coughing and sneezing in public is one of the things we should actively avoid during a time when Coronavirus threatens the entire planet.

In a recent news article by the BBC, impending 'pandemic' as warned by the World Health Organization is one thing we must prepare for. This is no longer just a documentary or a movie—this is real life. Now is the time to be prepared, to take action, and to guard our health more than ever before.


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How then can we guard ourselves, and be vigilant in NOT being the bearer of bacteria especially when out in public? While building our immunity is still the number one responsibility of each one, making sure we don't spread germs is also something to keep in mind. 

How we cough and sneeze is a big factor in avoiding the spread of bacteria to our surroundings. Door knobs, handles, tables, chairs, pens, and everything else we touch while we're out is subject to germs, bacteria, and probable virus—never ever take anything for granted. These days, it is just right to be a responsible citizen, and KNOW how to cough and sneeze, especially when you must be out of the house when you are sick!

When the urge to cough or sneeze comes up, be an adult and a responsible one at that, and not just do it with your nose and mouth free to release all the germs as it pleases. As a sign of respect to other people, find out the right way to do it. Should you cover your mouth and nose? Should you use your elbow to do such? 

In an experiment conducted by ABC News, they personally tested sneezing with the mouth wide open, sneezing with hands to cover, and sneezing into one's elbow—with measurements of how far the residue reaches. Check the video out:

As it turns out, neither covering with the hands or elbow is a good idea when it comes to avoiding bacteria from spreading! The simple, best answer? The best way is to use TISSUE to cover your mouth and nose. Yes, the basic item we all have in our bags is a key item in preventing the spread of disease!

Apart from wearing a face mask when you are sick, have a pack of tissue handy for any emergency sneezing and coughing you might have to do. Stay safe!


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