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The Secret To Alexa Ilacad's Curves, Revealed

We uncover the young actress and Metro’s Most Beautiful Body awardee’s secret to her stunning physique!

We’ve all witnessed how Alexa Ilacad has grown into a fine young lady, and she embraces her youth to the fullest by making sure that she looks and feels good about herself both inside and out. And during the recent ABS-CBN Ball, the young star flaunted what she’s got wearing her lime green fully-beaded halter gown that truly emphasized her curves. It’s no wonder she bagged Metro’s Most Beautiful Body award at the end of the night—she totally slayed her look!

While it’s no secret that the “Pira-pirasong Paraiso” lead stays in shape through regular workout sessions and eating a balanced diet, there’s another way that Alexa maintains her healthy, slim body. And no, it’s not a hardcore activity or a fad diet—her delicious secret lies in Luxe Slim’s healthy and yummy drinks!

Cutting on “sinful” eats is a thing in the past for the actress, as Luxe Slim’s products allow her to enjoy her favorite beverages packed with a whole bunch of health benefits. The brand takes pride in using all-natural ingredients for their products, which are carefully created to aid in living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Alexa’s picks? First, as a coffee lover herself, the Caffe Macchiato gives her that energy boost as well as slimming and beautifying benefits. This beauty potion helps burn fats, support metabolism, and reduces appearance of cellulite—all while you power up early in the morning or you’re having it as a pick-me-up midday!

She also raves about the 4 Seasons Beauty Juice, which curbs her appetite and invigorates her throughout the day. It also offers numerous other benefits, like enhanced skin complexion, improved digestion, and weight loss support.


And when her days get busy, she always has the Promeal Taro Hearty Meal Diet that gives her that much-needed nourishment. This tasty meal replacement option enhances muscle growth, boosts the immune system, and lowers cholesterol levels, among other great benefits. Take it for breakfast or after a workout and stay strong and in shape in an easy, delish way, just like Alexa!

Now that you know this sexy lady’s secret, you can now cop a body like hers—without compromising on the flavors that you crave and love!