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Caring For Your Throat During Flu Season, According To A Neck Surgeon

Contrary to popular belief, cold drinks and cold sweets don't cause sore throat!

Apart from the COVID-19 scare that has quickly put the world in a state of health emergency, the seasonal flu is out and about, affecting more people than we think. The 'common' cold and cough we all experience is one of those things we should be wary of, especially that it has similar symptoms to the novel coronavirus going around right now.

We must then, at all cost, avoid getting sick at any level, and be very vigilant about keeping our immune system at its best state. People who get infected by COVID-19, who have a previous condition or disease are more susceptible to difficulty in recovering, and will need extra care to survive. So getting a regular flu shot, as well as staying healthy is key.


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What then should we do to avoid the common cough or sore throat?
In getting the common cough, we often think that overdoing it with cold drinks and sweets is what causes the pain and irritation. It turns out, that's not entirely true. We spoke to Dr. Richard Cedeño, Chairman of the Department of Ear, Neck, and Throat at Makati Medical Center, and asked him about the right way to care for our throats. At some point you may have already experienced a sore throat in the past weeks, causing worry and alarm. Do not fret—with the right knowledge, you can take care of your throat and prevent severe infection.


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On caring for our throats, Dr. Cedeño said "proper diet, proper dental hygiene and regular check-up with your dentist and medical doctor are key. It can be caused by infection, a tooth problem, or even gastric acid reflux. Cold drinks are actually not a problem, it is just difficult to swallow cold drinks when there is an infection. Other patients actually feel better when they drink cold drinks."


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While he definitely does not mean go ahead and torture your throat with all the cold drinks you can get your hands on, his point is to be vigilant in taking care of it by doing the necessary upkeep: keeping track of your oral hygiene by getting regular check-ups, doing the right way of brushing teeth, using anti-bacterial mouthwash, and so on. It has also been said by experts that frequently drinking water keeps your throat moist, aiding in overall wellbeing and immunity.


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Getting enough sleep, regularly sweating it out (avoid going to the gym for now though and experiment with DIY home workouts), eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking enough water, upping your vitamin intake, and everything else that helps boost your immune system are key these days. Make it your job to stay well, and make sure your loved ones are too. Stay safe, everyone!

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