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New Year, New Vagina?

Resolutions? That was last decade’s thing. Let’s talk about something more, ahem, mind-blowing

Vaginal rejuvenation. 

We’re talking about starting the year with a bang (preferably, multiple bangs after you’ve finished reading this article). Many like to start the new year with a list of resolutions, some prefer a new hairstyle. If you’re procrastinating and have done neither, this one more than makes up for both those new year traditions.

Vaginal rejuvenation, or flower arrangement as it has been more fondly called in the past, is no new procedure. However newer technologies are now readily available in the Philippines that can address a host of conerns: tightening, appearance, leaking, regaining enjoyment, and further enjoyment.

Metro.Style recently interviewed Dra. Vicki Belo who spoke candidly about two procedures available at the Belo Medical Group. And because Dr. Belo’s interview answers is much more entertaining (as well as informative) to read as is, we’re sharing our Q&A just slightly edited for brevity. But we’re quoting her directly—hold on to your panties!

Metro.Style (MS): Tell us about vaginal rejuvenation.

Dr. Vicki Belo (VB): There are two parts to a vagina. The inner and the outer vagina. The outer vagina, as you get older, as you give birth to kids, your labia gets long. We used to make it look young again, like a 25-year-old, which we called flower arrangement. 

The inside naman, if you think about a baby going through it, it will get loose. For every childbirth, it will get loose. The consequences of that is that, sex is not as enjoyable because as they say, even a 747 will look small in the Grand Canyon. So you need to make the Grand Canyon smaller. So mag enjoy naman the husband, [because] it’s all about friction and contact.

Revive Your Vulva With These Groundbreaking Skincare Products Especially Made For Your Private Parts


Revive Your Vulva With These Groundbreaking Skincare Products Especially Made For Your Private Parts

MS: What are our options?

VB: We have this machine called Thermiva, it can do both inner and outer vaginal rejuvenation. The inner vagina is just 3 cm long, it’s a tunnel where the penis can go in and out, in and out, so you want to shrink it. You want to create more collagen and elastin to make it mataba again. There’s also the urethra. As you get older, bumubuka-buka na yung urethra. So when you have a lot of pressure from the abdominal area, the diaphragm goes down, then nag-g-gape, so may konting wiwi na lumalabas and stuff like that. That usually happens in your early forties. So those are the things that can be cured by this vaginal rejuvenation.

However we’ve gone steps forward where it’s not enough to just rejuvenate and make it look nice and make it tight for the husband—what about us? The women. We need to enjoy.

The O Injection injects a filler to the g spot and it expands it. That brings the nerve closer to the surface and when the penis goes in and out, mas natatamaan, mas maraming surface area. The g spot is this spot inside the vagina, that’s just really a spot. So it’s really small.

I compare that to a tennis racket. If you look at the old tennis rackets, ang liliit nila. Ang hirap makahanap ng sweet spot, kasi it’s small eh. In seventies, they made the racket so big [because] there’s no rule pala for the size of the racket. So the sweet spot became bigger. So when you hit it in that right spot, it’s always the nice perfect spot.

So it’s the same with the vagina, if you make the g spot a little bigger by expanding it and bringing the nerves a little closer to the surface, when the penis goes in, it rubs it more so women can enjoy more. And when it goes out, parang may sungkit.

MS: Who would you recommend Thermiva or the O Injection to?

VB: Thermiva is for anyone with two or more children. Because I think with one child, okay ka pa. Also pala the lubrication. As you get older, you get drier. Thermiva increases lubrication immediately, like on the same day. I recommend it to people, let’s say who has a partner with a smaller penis. You cannot increase the girth of the penis, they try to put fat, etc. but it’s impossible because the penis is not a static thing (as compared to a face for example) so that fat gets dislodged. Then it becomes abnormal looking. The only way you can fix that is to make the girl smaller. Or for women who can’t do the kegel exercises, then you can do that. For women who’ve given birth to more than one child and you feel you’ve gotten loose… if when you cough, you release a little pee, that’s also an indication. In your forties, you really lose a lot of collagen and elastin so hindi na firm yung vagina. You should do it already.

O Injection—for anybody! We have two injections. You have to determine what kind of arousal you have. There are women who get aroused in both (clitoris and g-spot), there are women who can come—mostly if you’re the type of person who likes oral sex more because that’s how you come then obviously you should do both. Because maybe your g spot is too small, you’ve never felt it. So you need to make it wider. If your clitoris is very sensitive, you can also inject there to make it a little bigger and make it even more sensitive so there’s more rubbing. 

MS: How can we be assured of our privacy? 

VB: If you’ve noticed we’ve never marketed this procedure because it’s a secret. People learn of it through word of mouth. People tell other people. They call it nga the 'Belo Basa treatment' (giggles), whatever. I don’t know… they have jokes nga in parties but it’s the people who talk about it, not us.

MS: Will there be pain? When can we get back on the horse?

VB: There’s no downtime at all. Usually there is no pain. If there is pain, we check if there’s an infection because it shouldn’t be painful. When can you have sex? The moment that we take off our gloves. But honestly for me, if you’re going to do the injections, you should wait at least three days. Let it settle. But if it’s just Thermiva, vaginal rejuvenation, tightening, you can do it the same day. No downtime, no stitches. It’s miraculous.

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MS: How long do the results last? 

VB: Normally we advise three sessions. Once a month, three times. If you’re in your thirties, it can last three years. If you’re in your forties, in can last two years. If you’re 45 and above—you do the three sessions and then touch up every six months.

Here’s another option for you if your concerns include incontinence, pain during sex, and prolapse: Isa Herrera’s S.T.A.R.R. System offered online via her website, Herrera is a licensed physical therapist who developed her own program out of a personal frustration over repeated problems with her own pelvic floor.

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The S.T.A.R.R. System is short for Strong Foundational Setup, Test Your Ladyparts, Alleviate Your Symptoms, Restore Your Muscles, Reclaim Your Queendom. Herrera claims to have healed over 14,000 women of their pelvic floor and bladder issues. For many of her clients, their health problems were taking over their lives. It caused disconnection from their partners which eventually depression and inability to do very basic things such as sit in long car rides or meetings to carrying their children.

Herrera’s program includes massage, yoga, and stretches. Renewing this part of your body may not be something you would like to brag about and publish on your social media, but it sounds like something you won’t regret. Or shall we say, it may be the most enjoyable resolution we can think of yet! *wink*

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