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What To Watch Out For When Buying Vitamins And Supplements

Because not all vitamins, supplements, and minerals are created alike, here's one thing you should definitely look out for, according to an expert

Keeping our bodies in tip-top shape is of utmost importance more than ever before—with the COVID-19 pandemic still not slowing down (with re-infections and the 2nd wave underway in different parts of the world), it's important for us to keep our health in check, and make sure our immunity is high. Fighting off any potential virus can be done if our defenses are up, and we can only do this by observing proper sleep, a healthful diet full of fruits and vegetables, regular workouts, and taking the necessary vitamins and supplements. 


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But did you know that not all vitamins and supplements are created alike? Just because a food label says something has vitamin C doesn't mean it's the kind that your body needs, or doesn't mean that it's of the highest quality. At the same time, there are plenty of supplements or wonder drugs coming out in the market, whose quality we're not entirely sure about. 

Because it can get really confusing when we're out supplement shopping, we asked Dr. Oyie Balburias, M.D., FPCP, IFMCP, General Internal Medicine and IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner to give us his best advice on what to watch out for the next time we find ourselves dumbfounded at the supplement aisle. Scroll ahead!

Dr. Oyie tells us to "look for the regulatory and standard of quality seal especially coming from the FDA. Without any proof of regulatory standards placed on the label, be careful with those products, especially products that promise so many therapeutic benefits. The more marketing labels and information are on a product that has no FDA seal, you should AVOID those products, no matter how cheap they are."

There you have it—as simple as that. When out looking for vitamins and supplements, purchase such goods from reputable companies that have offerings approved by the FDA. This way, you avoid any medical issues you don't want to add to the already alarming health situation we are in! Take care, and shop wisely! 


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Lead photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels. Special thanks to Sekaya and Buensalido.