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This New Range of Vitamins And Supplements Is What You Need To Stay In Tiptop Shape

Evening primrose? Check. Bilberry complex? Double check. Mangosteen? Triple check!

We cannot overemphasize the need to take better care of ourselves these days. 

One look at local and international headlines tells us that the COVID crisis is still very much here, and that our physical bodies need all the help they can get in making sure they're strong enough to fight against any kind of ailment. COVID might be our major preoccupation at the moment, but don't forget that other health issues need our attention, too!

Joint and bone health can't be neglected, keeping our eyes healthy is a priority with all the screen time we're getting, our skin needs some TLC what with the summer sun blazing through our windows, and heart health should always be important, no questions asked. 

Keeping these health concerns in mind, Watsons PH has come out with a totally new range of vitamins and supplements to help us keep our health in check. 

See what they have in store below!

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Metro Editors Share Their Wind Down Routines Before Sleeping

Vitamin C + Vitamin D + Zinc

This combo of vitamins comes at a pretty opportune time. We all know that Vitamin C is important for its immunity-boosting properties and that Zinc is highly recommended as a first-line defense against COVID-19, but what do you get get when you package them together and combine with Vitamin D? Together, they promote nerve health and maintain energy levels needed to protect yourself from common conditions like twitching, muscle weakness or spasms, and tingling. This combo gets a plus for taste too—it's passion-fruit flavored!


Bilberry Complex

Raise your hand if you spend much of your work/school/leisure time in front of a screen. Raise your hand if you take or know about bilberry and what it does for your health. No hands? Well now is the time to include this in your daily supplement cocktail because bilberry vitamins were designed to strengthen eye health. Your eyes are probably one of the most overused body parts these days as we need them for everything we do, and there's really no way you can overestimate how important it is to shower them with TLC. It's not just orange-colored foods that do the trick like we all learned as grade schoolers, but this yummy dark blue berry does, too.


Glucosamine and Vitamin D3 + Calcium

Hello, joint health and strong bones! By now, you should have abandoned your belief in the myth that young people don't have to worry about their joints and bones and that this health area is only a concern for those way ahead in life, age-wise. That's totally false because joint and bone health means being able to exercise properly and exercise at all (and now that we've mentioned it, if you haven't been working out in the slightest bit these days, you should!), withstand prolonged hours of just sitting down thanks to our new work from home lifestyles, walk to be on your way for important errands, and basically just get you to do any movement with ease. 


Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Glutathione

It's a blessing and a curse to be spending so much time indoors, especially that this is our second summer that's going to pass us by with little to no summer vacay plans pushing through. It's a curse because of all the fun we're missing in that sense, but it's also a blessing because our skin doesn't need to soak up all those harmful UV rays as an inevitable consequence of our outdoor trips! Now being indoors doesn't totally protect us from the harshness of the sun; our skin still takes some damage when we're in front of the screen or really just going about our daily business at home, so to help keep our complexion in tiptop shape is this three-part combo of vitamins and a supplement. Who wouldn't want to emerge from quarantine looking great?



Here's a supplement everyone is likely most familiar with. Omega-3 is all about heart health and safeguarding us from cardiovascular disease for the most part, but did you know it can help with brain health? It helps keep our minds sharp and and it's a great defense against stress, which we all know has far-reaching effects on our overall well-being. Remember that the COVID crisis isn't just a problem for our physical health, but the unseen consequences of the pandemic have affected us in intangible ways, too; more people have reported feeing a sense of unease and anxiety, sleeplessness, difficulty in concentration, and general emotional and mental disturbances, so if Omega-3 can help address those things and more, why not include it in your daily health regimen? 


Evening primrose 

This one was made especially for the ladies. Evening primrose addresses a host of women-specific health concerns including PMS, breast pain, and hormonal-caused hot flashes, with the added benefits of helping ease eczema and acne.  Every woman knows the hassle of dealing with these things, so here comes evening primrose to the rescue.



Mangosteen—who thought the fruit could play such an important role in our health? Not too long ago, it was just a strange-looking fruit our grandparents and parents might have encouraged us to taste as children, but fast forward to today and it's beloved for its health-boosting properties. In particular, it's being used more and more to fight inflammation and because of its impressive anti-oxidant properties. If you don't have access to the fresh fruit, taking it in vitamin form is what you need. 


These vitamins and supplements are all supplied by Watsons PH pharmacy. All branches carry these products for those looking to try them out. The best part is Watsons delivers straight to your doorstep, so there's really no need to worry about having to physically go to a store and risk getting sick while in a public place. 

Which vitamin combo are you trying first? 

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