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Invest In Yourself, Join Wellfest Manila This Month!

Show yourself some love by joining this wellness and wellbeing festival at Rockwell this October 22-23!

At an uncertain time such as this, a lot of us are in search for that feeling of security and of safety. We tend to turn towards many different things to feel a sense of control, but oftentimes, the feeling of security begins with ourselves. Are we investing in ourselves enough? Do we take care of our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing? More often than not, we find ourselves running on empty with the hectic lives we lead—leaving us stressed out, anxious, and not being able to give to our loved ones. 

Showing up fully for ourselves and nourishing our wellbeing pays off in the long run, and helps us show up for all the roles we play in life as well. If you've been looking to slow down, reconnect with your inner being, and reset to live a healthier life, you've come to the right place. Wellfest Manila is just around the corner, and this is your sign to start investing in yourself!

Wellfest Manila

The brainchild of The Well Nourished Company, the organization aims to inspire, help, and guide individuals and organizations seeking to adopt healthier, sustainable changes to make informed choices and become the catalysts for transformation—through purposeful, meaningful, and experiential wellness programs. Their programs are based on the fundamental practice of our 3 pillars of health: Mindful Eating, Movement, and Mindfulness, simply called as the 3Well Method: EATWell MOVEWell, and LIVEWell. Naked Foods on the other hand, has a mission is to encourage more people to nourish themselves with healthy and nutritious, handcrafted plant-based foods that are stripped of all preservatives, yielding healthier results for the mind and body.

Cinty Yniguez

A Whole Food Plant-Forward Lifestyle advocate and a wellness chef, Cinty's wellness journey began more than 20 years ago while cultivating her small and few farm beds in Hong Kong. Pivoting 30 years in the hotel industry, she pursued her lifelong passion for wellness. She received her certification in Clinical Nutrition in Health Promotion from Hong Kong and her diploma in Culinary and Lifestyle Medicine from the U.K. She is the owner, founder, and curator of Naked Foods by Cinty and The Well Nourished Company. Together with her team, they bring us this much-needed event, a getaway within the bustling city, to help us center and get back to our core.

"I believe in the saying, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.' With so much toxicity these days, we know that if we do not proactively take care of ourselves on a cellular or soul level, the reversal of conditions will be a hundredfold more difficult, more complex, and financially draining. So why wait when we can do something now, enjoy it, and even share and inspire people to do the same?" Cinty shares.'

This 'Plantita' Eats Plants, And Wants You To Do So To!


This 'Plantita' Eats Plants, And Wants You To Do So To!

The month of October is a beautiful season that symbolically represents grounding, harvesting, and balance. It also happens to be Mental Health Awareness month, and what better way to hone in on this than by coming together to take part in creating a culture of wellness and wellbeing within the community. WELLFEST MANILA 2022, a mini wellness and wellbeing festival is slated for October 22 & 23, 2022 (Saturday and Sunday) from 8:00 a.m to 7:00 pm.

The event will bring over 20+ purposeful wellness and well-being activities, including yoga, movement, mindfulness, and music sessions; wellness and mindfulness talks; and a wellness fair, and graced by passionate teachers, practitioners, advocates, and enthusiasts for wellness. Expect talks and classes from wellness enthusiasts like Sara Black, Rianna Gatus, LJ Navera, Geri Gil, and Dr. Eca Lorenzo. Check out the full 2-day schedule below: 

Wellfest Manila schedule

This event is meant to encourage us to take our own wellbeing into our own hands, simply by setting aside some time for ourselves to get away within the city, to get together with likeminded individuals, find a new support group, and open our world up to brand new experiences.

According to Cinty, "The 2-day event pass is only P1,500, but it gives you access to all the classes, talks, music, a wellness fair, and even healthy refreshments. More importantly, it is a rare opportunity, and probably the first in many years, where people of shared interests and passions come together and energies are reignited. We are all here striving to cultivate a center and culture of wellness for everyone. Because wellness is for everyone and every BODY."

Interested in joining? Register online and purchase tickets by clicking here.

For updates, follow Wellfest Manila on Instagram @wellfestph, The Well Nourished Co. at @thewellnourishedco, and Naked Foods by Cinty at @nakedfoodsbycinty.