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Three Wellness Products To Check Out This May

Time for a healthy lifestyle upgrade!

New month, new wellness goodies to check out!

This May, it's all about game-changing products for feminine health, tasty teas, and fitness taking a fashionable turn.

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Cup of tea, anyone? 

There's likely never been a time in the world when so many people, at the same time from all corners of the world, developed an interest in tea-drinking. What with COVID mainly affecting our respiratory system (and often showing up as a cough and a sore throat), so many have turned to the soothing effects of regular tea drinking to help ease their minds and bodies during this difficult time. Besides, even for those whose bodies are unaffected by stress, the mental fatigue that our world's new normal has given rise to is also something that a good old cup of tea can't help fix. 

It's no wonder that teas by The English Tea Shop have been wonderfully repackaged in boxes that exude interconnectedness, hopefulness, and joy—things we all need these days given all that we've been through as a planet.

Their teas now come in boxes with mandala-inspired designs. Traditionally, mandalas in Hinduism and Buddhism symbolized wholeness and being one with all life and universal forces. For The English Tea Shop, this new packaging helped tell the story of their commitment to their tea growers and the people they serve—all are connected in the same never-ending circle, all support in each other in mutually beneficial ways. 

Inside the boxes with the new packaging are still The English Tea Shop products you've come to love, including award-winning classics Chamomile, Perfect Peppermint, English Breakfast, and the all-time favorite blend of turmeric, ginger, and lemongrass.

Remember that regular tea drinking presents benefits like boosting our immune system, improving complexion, controlling the production of stress hormones, promoting better digestive functioning, and of course, gifting our body with antioxidants. 

Part of the symbolism of beautiful mandalas means caring for our bodies and minds, too! Shop English tea Shop via Metromart and

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This Beauty Brand Rewards You With Shopping Discounts If You Donate Your Plastic Waste To Them

Fitness, but make it luxe

When wearable fitness gadgets first came to the market, we were just as excited as the next person but we had one issue. They weren't as OOTD-friendly as we wanted them to be, so even though we wanted 24/7 access to our daily activity/food/stress logs and accessible information about all the health stats that were important to us, we couldn't take full advantage of these features because they just didn't look great. (Imagine attending a business meeting, at least in pre-COVID times, wearing something on your wrist that looks, sounds, and feels like it belongs to the gym).

Finally, come 2021 and after the world shifted its focus on prioritizing health over anything else, Fitbit has come out with the brand new Fitbit Luxe! It's exactly what it sounds—it's the best of Fitbit tech only repackaged in a watch designed to pair more easily with more put-together outfits.

We know, everyone is staying at home these days, but we're staying hopeful for the (near) future when COVID has gone for good and we return to life as we know it—when we can dress up, look great, and feel even better with the confidence that our health is monitored and cared for at all hours.

The Fitbit Luxe still has all the features Fitbit lovers depend on the most: the sleep score (to determine if you're getting the real rest you need), the 24/7 heart rate monitoring  system (to see if you're burning calories at an ideal rate), the health metrics dashboard (to measure your vitals that signal if you're stressed, fatigued, or in danger of getting sick), and for women, the menstruation tracker.

There's a lot to love about Fitbit in general, but the new Fitbit Luxe gives the classic fitness favorite a whole other stylish spin. Follow @fitbitph on Instagram

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7 Celebrity Home Workout Vlogs That Will Inspire You To Get Moving

Woman-kind, planet-kind—period!

It's an old conflict that women haven't been able to solve for the longest time.

Though a lot of girls and women live planet-friendly lives, when it comes to feminine hygiene, using disposable pads and tampons (and the hassles of using existing alternatives like washable cloth pads and menstrual cups) just goes against this lifestyle in the worst way. Feminine hygiene products chucked in the trash pretty much end up in landfills like all other rubbish, and yes, they don't decompose, either.

What's a girl to do if she wants to live a green life but doesn't really have enough options when it comes to this? 

Enter, Nala Woman, a homegrown brand of feminine hygiene products that's the answer to this problem, and then some.

Nala Woman was launched a year ago and its product line includes panty liners, pads, and tampons. The biggest difference, of course, is that all of these items are GOTS-certified! GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standards, and it awards brands with a certification if they've passed all the requirements for being able to claim their products are safe for use and organic. 

Everything about their products is kind to the women who use them plus the planet that we all live in. 

The use GOTS-certified cotton, biodegradable sticky sheet for pads, and their items come in biodegradable cornstarch wrappers packed in a cardboard box. Nothing about them harms bodies or the environment—a seriously big leap for all the ladies aiming to make everything they use, body-wise, good for the planet. Follow Nala on Instagram @nalawoman


Images from Pexels / Nala images from @nalawoman