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This Is What You Should Have In Your Bag To Avoid Coronavirus

A doctor gives her list of top things to stock up on during this virus scare!

The news we fear the most has come: one confirmed case of novel Coronavirus is in the Philippines, the Department of Health said in an official statement this afternoon. While we should not resort to panic, arming ourselves with information and knowledge about how to stay safe during this threatening time is of utmost importance.


How To Stay Safe And Build Immunity Amidst Coronavirus Threat

If wearing a mask has been your go-to these past few days, we've gathered more ways to arm yourselves against the outbreak, with the help of Dr. Candy Dalman of Centro Holistico, a holistic clinic offering treatments like detoxing, acupuncture, and IV drips. She shared that "most of the people who are getting the worst effects of the virus are the older ones, and those with pre-existing chronic conditions, those who are immunocompromised."

Even if this may not be true for you, being prepared and guarded against any viral threat should still be practiced, and taught to your loved ones and friends. Read on to see more of Dr. Candy's tips, and what to have in your bag, and your home right now:

1. Hand sanitizer / alcohol

2. Face masks

3. Multivitamins & Immunity Enhancers - Something with Vitamin C, D3, B-Complex, Zinc, and Selenium. 

4. Some herbs (in tea form) that could also help like Echinacea and Turmeric.

Load up on turmeric tea, juice, and supplements! Load up on turmeric tea, juice, and supplements!

5. A water bottle. Keep yourself hydrated all day.

6. Probiotics in the form of food (kimchi, sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, or capsule form available in health stores like Healthy Options).

Apart from having these key things in your bag and home, avoiding crowded places where viruses could easily get passed on is also something to keep in mind. Don't leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Try to set up virtual working setups in the meantime. 

If you do go out, try to get additional treatments or services done to help further boost your immunity—Dr. Candy shares "IV Nutrient Therapy, IV Laser Therapy, and Acupuncture are some of the recommended treatments right now."

IV Nutrient Therapy is infusing your body with nutrients directly to the bloodstream. IV Laser Therapy on the other hand, is the non-invasive use of laser energy to reduce inflammation in the body. Acupuncture helps in immunity this way: According to Acupuncture Massage College, "Acupuncture can regulate immune function and treat the underlying cause of the disease by reducing symptoms, speeding up the healing of infection and normalizing the body's immune response.

Dr. Candy ends by sharing "If you do get the virus, you'll get typical flu symptoms. How your body will react will depend on your immune system." And as we have been stressing, boosting your immunity and staying strong and healthy during this risky time is what we should be pouring our energy on. 

Stay safe everyone!