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When And How To Get Tested For COVID-19

The World Health Organization has classified the virus as a 'Global Pandemic'. This is how you can tell if you need to get tested for COVID-19!

The plot on COVID-19 thickens as new confirmed cases in the Philippines rises to a total of 49. Several new cases were added to the tally in the past days, raising alarm in different parts of Metro Manila as well as outside of Luzon. We are in the middle of a Global Pandemic, as stated by the World Health Organization, and we must act now. 


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When then should one go to a health center to get tested?

The officials at the DOH press briefing said that just because one experiences respiratory symptoms does not immediately mean they should get tested for COVID-19. Right now, the way to know is to tick off the symptoms: cough, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and if you have had previous history of travel, most especially to countries with confirmed COVID-19 cases. In addition, if you think you have symptoms and have had exposure to any of the confirmed cases or the places in which these people have been, then it is best to get screened for certainty. 


Contact your company’s necessary personnel, or report to a hospital near you, to get assistance on the matter. One of the best pieces of advice up to this day is to avoid any sort of panic. 

The DOH press briefing was also able to tackle how we should move forward, now that local transmission is upon us; and practicing good personal hygiene, minimizing social contact, and boosting one’s health are still top priority for now.



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