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Where To Book At-Home, On-Site, Saliva, And Drive-Thru Covid-19 Tests Now

We’ve rounded up the most reliable places and clinics that offer all kinds of RT-PCR and antigen testing

With Covid-19 cases in the country at an all-time high, so has the need for mass and regular testing skyrocketed.

For many, staying at home all the time is not possible. Many of us have to report to work to keep the economy and basic services going, leaving us and our families vulnerable to the virus given the slow pace of the vaccine roll-out.

Staying up-to-date with your Covid-19 tests is a good way to curb the spread of the virus. And right now, we have a number of tests available, depending on your needs and budget.  

Understanding Covid-19 tests

Let’s have a short recap of all the available Covid-19 tests right now.

Currently, there are three types of Covid-19 tests available for the public: molecular tests like RT-PCR, the antigen test, and antibody test.

Molecular tests—most commonly available as RT-PCR—remain to be the gold standard for Covid-19 testing. The test is conducted through nasal or throat swab, with results available in 3-5 days. This test is highly accurate and typically does not need to be repeated. It’s able diagnose active coronavirus infections, but can’t show if you were infected in the past.

Antibody tests, on the other hand, look for antibodies made by the immune system in response to the coronavirus, to determine whether you’ve had Covid-19 before. To conduct an antibody test, your blood is taken as a sample through finger stick or blood draw. Usually, a second antibody test is needed for more accurate results.

Antigen tests, just like molecular RT-PCR tests, are a kind of diagnostic test that can show you if you have an active coronavirus infection. It also takes a sample through a nasal or throat swab, but is much faster than RT-PCR. Results can be received in as quickly as 30 minutes after your test. Antigen tests are highly accurate, more so than antibody tests. However, those who test negative on an antigen test but are experiencing symptoms or may have had exposure to a Covid-positive individual are recommended to take a further RT-PCR test.

In February, the Department of Health (DOH) finally approved the use of the saliva-based Covid-19 test.

Currently, a handful of clinics are already offering saliva-based antigen tests for the same price and efficiency as the swab antigen tests. These tests eliminate the discomfort associated with swab tests—which usually scare a lot of people—and also lessen the risk of contact between the individual and the medical professional who administers the test because the test can be done by yourself. All that's required is for you to collect a small sample of your saliva in a sterile vial, and then pass the sample on to the PCR lab for testing.

Apart from the saliva antigen test, the DOH has also approved the efficiency of the saliva-based RT-PCR test. Currently, this saliva RT-PCR is only available at the Philippine Red Cross molecular laboratories, but they are working to make the test available to more people all over the country.

For the sake of diagnostic purposes, the antigen and RT-PCR tests remain the best options for detecting active Covid-19 cases. Check out our list below of clinics and medical facilities that offer saliva- and swab-based antigen and RT-PCR tests.

ATTN: The Less Invasive, Less Expensive (And Less Uncomfortable!) Saliva COVID Test Is Now Available


ATTN: The Less Invasive, Less Expensive (And Less Uncomfortable!) Saliva COVID Test Is Now Available


LabMobile is a clinic dedicated to offering RT-PCR and antigen tests through drive-thru swabbing stations and at-home service. They are partnered with Borough Medical Clinics, an experienced player in the medical industry that’s operating DOH-licensed clinical laboratories since 2004.

To book your test at home, all you have to do is visit their website and book from there. Drive-thru appointments are also required to be booked online. They have drive-thru locations at Brgy. Poblacion in Makati every Monday, San Antonio Barangay Hall in Makati every Friday and Saturday, Santuario de San Antonio Church every Wednesday, Brgy. San Antonio in Pasig every Sunday, and Cliffpoint Square in Pasig every Friday.

Antigen swab and saliva tests start at 2,300 per person, but discounts are given for 5 persons and above. For RT-PCR tests, they have two packages: a 1-day guaranteed results for 4,500 pesos, and a regular 2-day guaranteed results for 3,600 pesos. For home or office service, you only need to add 500 pesos on top of the testing fee.

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BeSafe MD

BeSafe MD is another mobile clinic that offers drive-thru or home service RT PCR, antigen, and antibody tests. They also offer vaccines for influence and pneumonia.

For at-home antigen tests, prices start at P2,200 with results within 15-30 minutes. For DOH-accredited RT-PCR tests, tests with overnight results cost 4,700 pesos, while tests with results in 25-36 hours cost 4,200 pesos.

Prices may vary depending on your location and on the number of people getting tested, so you may message their Facebook page at BeSafe MD to get a quotation.

Lab on the Run

Lab on the Run specializes on providing on-site medical and laboratory services, including antigen swab tests. All tests are conducted and interpreted by an accredited clinical and anatomic pathologist, and all sessions include a short lecture on Covid-19 prevention and safety measures.

For antigen bookings, prices start at 2,800 per person, exclusive of transportation fee. For RT-PCR tests, prices start at 6,500 per head, exclusive of transportation fee. Results for RT-PCR will be available within 18-24 hours.

Send them a message on Facebook for bookings and more information.

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Your COVID-19 Vaccination Questions So Far, Answered


Aide is one of the leading home care service providers in the greater Metro Manila area, offering doctor’s appointments, laboratory tests, vaccinations, physical therapy, nursing care, medicine delivery and Covid-19 tests all through their proprietary app.

For at-home antigen swab test services, Aide assures that only medical doctors will facilitate and administer the test, which comes with a medical history assessment, quick check-up, and post-procedure protocols depending on your results.

For antigen swab and saliva tests, their prices start at 3,250 pesos per person, with discounts for 2 people and above. They also offer provincial services for an additional fee.

For RT-PCR tests, Aide has partnered with Singapore Diagnostics Inc., which is a DOH-certified Covid testing laboratory. Their at-home test costs 7,500 pesos per person, which includes the test, swab kit, full PPE, doctor’s fee, and transportation fee.

Bookings and payment can all be made through their app, which you can download here.

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Hi-Precision Diagnostics

Hi-Precision Diagnostics is one of the country's largest medical laboratory, offering laboratory tests, imaging, and multi-specialty doctors' clinics throughout the country for over 22 years now.

For Covid-19 tests, they have both the antigen swab and RT-PCR tests available in select Hi-Precision branches. To check the branch nearest you, check their full nationwide list here.

For antigen tests, on-site testing starts at 1,900 pesos. For RT-PCR tests conducted at their testing booths, prices start at 3,700 pesos. For home service, you can schedule an appointment with rates starting at 4,700 pesos. They also have discounts for seniors and PWDs that start at 3,500 pesos for on-site testing and 4,500 pesos for home service.

For appointments and home service, call or viber Hi-Precision at 0917-628-5669 or call 8-741-7777.

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There Are Three Different COVID Tests—Do You Know What Each Is For?

Clearbridge Medical Philippines

For those located in and near Quezon City, Clearbridge is a popular choice for all-around health screening, minor surgical procedures, multi-specialty needs such as head and neck, nephrology, cardiology, gynecology and pediatric, and diagnostic dental and dermatology services.

For their Covid-19 tests, they have on-site RT-PCR tests that start at 4,500 pesos, and rapid antigen tests that start at 1,700 pesos. They can also cater to home service requests for an additional fee.

While they accept walk-ins in their facility, they highly recommend to call ahead to book your appointment. Call (02) 8-282-5227 or visit their Facebook page for more information.

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Do You Think You Have Covid? Here’s Your COVID-19 Survival Kit

Safeguard DNA Diagnostics

Safeguard DNA Diagnostics is a joint venture with a UK company, Safeguard Biosystems, who has been in the research and development of molecular diagnostic tools since 2006. They offer one of the most reliable and affordable RT-PCR tests, which start at 2,600 pesos for results in 48 hours. For faster results, they have a 12-hour turnaround for 4,100 pesos.

Safeguard Diagnostics accepts walk-in and drive-thru for RT-PCR tests at their medical facility in Mandaluyong City. They have also recently opened up a Park & Swab drive-thru testing facility in Dasmarinas City, Cavite for those living in the south area.

Visit their Facebook page for bookings and more information.

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Philippine Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross is a non-profit, donor-funded, volunteer, humanitarian organization founded in 1947 provide quality, life-saving services that protect the life and dignity of Filipinos in vulnerable situations. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Red Cross has been very active in delivering free and discounted services for Filipinos to have access to testing, treatment, and quarantine.

Apart from their numerous drives and free services, the Philippine Red Cross has partnered with local malls SM Supermalls, Ayala Malls, Waltermart, and Robinsons to make Covid-19 tests more accessible to everyone. One of their latest initiatives was to offer a drive-thru saliva RT-PCR test through SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia, at a more affordable price of 2,000 pesos.

Apart from these two locations, saliva RT-PCR is already offered in a number of Red Cross locations spread out across Metro Manila. To book or check other locations near you, visit the official Red Cross Covid-19 landing page here.