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This Is Why You Should Practice Grounding More

Yes, staying grounded—literally—helps improve one’s overall health and well-being.

Remember when, as a teen, adults would often advise you to “stay grounded”? Now, as we’ve grown into a fully-functioning adult, we may ask ourselves—are we doing enough “grounding”? While in our younger years others have implied for us to “be humble”, staying grounded could also be a literal solution for our never-ending string of daily worries and bouts of stress.

The term grounding isn’t much talked about when it comes to immediate healing. But now is the time to get (re)acquainted with the word, which is also called “Earthing”. 

This method is a therapeutic technique that more often than not we encounter a lot of times but rarely take notice of—those barefoot frolicking moments along the shore, lying flat on our backs on the grass at a nearby park, putting our hands down on the soil when we plant, among other things. Simply put, the practice requires us to connect to the earth, allowing our planet’s electrical charges to seep through our beings.

Think charging our bodies through the earth’s energy, and you’ll get an immediate picture. However, similar to how our phones collect battery life from plugging in, grounding also requires us spending an extra chunk of time to reap its maximum benefits.

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The easiest way to practice this method on the daily is by going barefoot. Why don’t you take off your shoes or sandals and spend a few minutes feeling the soil on your feet? Or if you’re feeling more into it, finding a space on the ground to lie down is a great way to recharge.

Doing this through submerging in the water is also a way to do earthing. When you find yourself on vacation or visiting a relative or friend who lives near the sea, lake, or other forms of bodies of water, take a quick dip and enjoy being in the moment.

Can’t find a naked spot to try grounding? Getting yourself some grounding equipment, like mats, sheets, blankets, socks, and bands, will help you ease into this healing technique.

So yes, even when your schedule is full for the week, it’s important to make time for some self-loving while low on the ground. A little goes a long way, and the more that you're consistent, the regular practice of grounding will be able to give your body the necessary restoration it needs. 

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Grounding is perfect for people who experience the following—chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, sleeping disorders, and cardiovascular diseases. People who have been practicing grounding have commented how it improved their quality of life and well-being as they consistently work to be one with nature.

And especially as we thread life in worrisome times, cutting ourselves some slack and giving it an easy treatment through grounding is a form of self-love and indulgence we truly deserve.

Lead photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels