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Here’s How You Can Take Care Of Your Family’s Health And Well-being While At Home

Take this crisis as an opportunity to spend time with your family and focus on each other’s health and well-being

It is a challenge to stay inside our homes for extended periods and it has also put a lot of pressure on many of us, both mentally and physically. And because of the continuing health threat, we need to make sure that we’re properly equipped with the right supplies and safety measures to keep our mental and physical well-being in tip-top shape.

If we look on the bright side, however, we will find that we are actually being blessed with the opportunity to spend more time with our families. Our strength as a unit and good health are our best armor against this pandemic, so we asked HANA, our Health and Nutrition Adviser from AXA Philippines, for tips on how we can continue taking good care of our family’s mental and physical well-being while at home.


Q: What are some of the activities that my family can do together inside our house?

A: We’ve been staying at home for more than a month now to help #FlattenTheCurve, and we can’t help it when we feel bored, anxious, and maybe even frustrated. But the key to maintaining a happy and healthy home is keeping yourself and your family occupied.

Have you always wanted to exercise? There are so many exercise videos online, as well as yoga and Zumba virtual meet-ups that you can do with the whole family without special gym equipment. You can also start learning a new skill together—teach your kids how to cook, start an art contest with your siblings, or teach your parents new digital skills. For the younger kids, make sure that they’re browsing content appropriate for their age. For the older members of the family, encourage them to keep moving by inviting them to stretch or even film TikTok dance videos.

And did someone say movie night? Set up a time when the whole family gathers in the living room or bedroom to watch a family-friendly movie or the latest K-drama that’s on streaming. There’s always something that the whole family can watch and will enjoy, no matter the age.

Q: How will we stay healthy if all we have in the pantry are canned goods?

A: Did you know that not all canned goods are bad? In fact, some are actually very good for your health! Canned fish like tuna and mackerel, for example, give you as much heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids as fresh fish. You can also cook a lot of healthy meals with canned coconut milk, which is high in fiber and vitamins; low-sodium beans, which is a good part of a plant-based diet; canned tomato, a very good source of the heart-friendly lycopene and Vitamin C; and even canned sweet corn, which is high in fiber and B Vitamins. If you need to stock up on more supplies, don’t hesitate to grab those canned fish and vegetables. Just steer clear of processed meat.

Q: What are the best practices to keep our bodies strong against diseases?

A: Keeping your body and immunity strong are important in fighting off disease. Some of the best ways to keep your body in great condition is by religiously drinking vitamin C with zinc, which is proven to be a good practice against infectious viral diseases.

You can also boost your immunity through a good and healthy diet, which you can still have if you’re very careful about what you put in your grocery or delivery list. Take advantage of online grocery delivery services so you always have fresh produce for your vitamin needs. Take this opportunity to load up on sleep and set a time for the family to hit the sack. Good quality sleep is vital in helping your body strengthen its immune system.

And if you must go out for a grocery run, make sure that you’re fully protected. Don’t let the older members of the family go out since they’re more vulnerable to infections. Let the stronger and more able members do the shopping. Always wear a mask, and never touch your face when you’ve touched something else like products, money, cards, or your keys. Wash your hands frequently, bring a hand sanitizer with you, and disinfect all your grocery items before storing them in your fridge or pantry. Don’t forget to immediately disinfect your shoes, keys, wallet, bag, and have your clothes washed upon returning home.

Q: Someone in our family is not feeling well. What do we do?

A: It is important to be informed about the most common symptoms of infectious diseases. If a family member begins to feel ill, instead of running to the nearest hospital, you may consult with doctors through credible online and teleconsultation services that offer their services through your smartphones or laptops.

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