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Good News: Zalora Is Now Delivering All Your Essential Needs At Home!

Yes, the online fashion portal we all love is now delivering all your needs during the quarantine and beyond!

While we navigate this 'new normal'—social distancing, working from home, taking on DIY projects and the like, having goods delivered to our homes has quickly become an indispensable aspect of our day-to-day lives. From food, to workout equipment, to everything you can think of, delivery apps and services have doubled, if not tripled in the past few weeks.

A lot of brands have carefully shifted gears too; with clothing brands quickly turning their workforce into one that produces PPEs and face masks, to restaurants doubling their efforts to serve meals to frontliners. Truly, the world has adapted changes to become one in the fight against this pandemic.


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And one online fashion retailer who has shifted gears is Zalora, as they are proud to announce that they have launched their 'Essentials' category in the site. From once being a predominantly clothing and beauty digital platform, they have expanded to this vital category to address Filipinos' needs during this crisis.

Availability of basic goods has waned in the past weeks, with grocery and drug store shelves being emptied out as the days passed. With this new addition to the brand, Zalora is "heeding the call of the community and stepping up to be a responsible partner by using its platform to supply what consumers need most at this time—basic essentials."

Apart from Essentials, delivery is BACK FOR ALL ORDERS! Apart from Essentials, delivery is BACK FOR ALL ORDERS!

From food and nutrition needs such as baby's milk formula, medicine, vitamins, herbal food items, canned goods, to personal care and toiletries, Zalora has got it all for you. Start browsing and shopping from their essential goods here.

Apart from the Essentials category, ZALORA has recently announced that they have now resumed deliveries for ALL ORDERS. You heard that right! You can now get back to adding to cart (and actually receiving your orders) today!


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