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14 Ways To Love Yourself Today And The Rest Of The Year

No, you don't need a special someone to feel great this Valentine's Day. Here are 14 tried-and-tested ways to give yourself the L-O-V-E you totally deserve!

Ah, Valentine's Day! That one day in the year where people go over and above to profess their love for their special significant others. Flowers, chocolates, extravagant dates—you name it! It's pretty impressive what people do to be able to cram all their efforts into one special day, just to make their husbands/wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/partners/lovers feel extra special.

But like we always say, Cupid's day doesn't have to just be about romantic relationships. Valentine's Day can definitely be the day you start to love yourself more, and carry out this decision to do so for the rest of the year. No pity parties here, no sulking about being single on the most romantic night of the year. Ahead, our round-up of things you can do today. It's about time you tell yourself, I love you, self!


If you're busy loving yourself, you won't have time to feel bad about being alone on the 14th of February! Scroll ahead for our favorite things to try for some serious self-love!

1. Say nice things to yourself in front of a mirror. Ever stop and take some time to compliment yourself? How about switching from self-sabotage to self-love, starting with what you say to yourself? To see what the Happiness Doctor Lia Bernardo has to say about The Mirror Exercise, click here.

2. Treat yourself to some delicious pancakes. Did you know that treating yourself to a meal you truly love boosts your happy hormones in the body? We're not telling you to indulge in a cheat meal every single day, but treating yourself to something you really love is a great way to show yourself some love. While you're at it, check out the newest Japanese fluffy pancake craze Gram Cafe & Pancakes, now open at SM Megamall!

Gram Cafe & Pancakes

3. Listen to a self-loving podcast. We can't reiterate enough how much we love podcasts. They're brimming with free knowledge and insights from some of the world's top thought leaders, and the best part? You can get them anytime, anywhere, at no expensive cost! Love yourself by filling yourself up with enlightenment every single day. This week, we love The Marie Forleo podcast, a girl boss who was named by Oprah as the 'thought leader for the next generation'!

4. Treat yourself to an it bag just because! We can't deny the happiness we get from a good shopping session! While we don't advocate mindless spending, gifting yourself a beautiful designer piece on a special day totally counts as self-love! If you have the resources and are really keen on collecting a certain piece, then we say, why the heck not? Check out our list of it bags to cop for the season.


5. Book that ticket and do some soul-searching in a beautiful place! Have you ever tried traveling alone? They say it's one of the most nerve-wracking yet unforgettable experiences you could ever have, as being alone in a foreign place doesn't just take you out of your comfort zone, it teaches you valuable things about yourself as well. Consider it a trip to the soul—finding out things you never knew you could do, things you like, people you can meet along the way. Might we suggest a trip to this luxurious resort in Siargao?

6. Invest in your mental health this year. Instead of torturing yourself with self-pity or worrying about when your special someone will come into your life, why not invest in yourself and help your mental health flourish this 2020? We asked Inner Child Therapist and Hypnotherapist Sapps Uttam about her top 4 tips for building better mental health this year—click here to find out what they are!

14 ways to love yourself 0

7. Buy that red lipstick and actually wear it! Beat the fear of wearing this statement hue once and for all! This 2020, get out of that makeup rut and finally buy that rouge to keep you company for the rest of the year! We're in love with our lipstick of the week—a line of reds that offer excellent coverage minus the weight!

8. Break a sweat, even if you hate the gym. We're not forcing you to lift weights if that's something you're not into. By breaking a sweat, you can actually do it in the comforts of your own home, even your room! Sometimes, you just have to release all that stress and dance to your favorite song! Kate Moynihan-Gonzalez, a yogi and dance enthusiast talks to us about the wonders of movement, and how it's a form of self-love!


9. Indulge in a serious pampering session! This no-fail way to love yourself isn't just for the beauty addicts, because everyone can benefit from some serious 'me time'. Carving out some time alone and indulging in a hair treatment or a facial does wonders for the soul as you get to disconnect from your world, even for just a couple of hours. Check out our latest round-up of beauty clinics and hair salons you can try today!

10. Go on a book shopping spree this weekend! Books are a great way to bring the old into the new, as there is still something so romantic about browsing through pages of a physical book, and taking time to devour each word you read. Give yourself the gift of books, at amazingly low prices at the famed Big Bad Wolf book fair, one of the most awaited in the country. Check out our team's top picks here.

11. Do good to others for absolutely no reason. Dr. Lia Bernardo teaches us how helping other people is ultimately a way to self-love. Having a hard time comprehending this concept? Check out her full self-love lesson here

12. Invest in your future health. Nothing in life is ever certain. We can only live day to day, and hope for the best for ourselves and our loved ones. In terms of our health, we do our best to keep our bodies strong and healthy, but there sometimes are uncontrollable circumstances we pray never happens, such as disease. Starting this year, why not commit to keeping yourself covered by purchasing your health insurance to prepare for the future? Check out our latest personal health insurance discovery here!


13. Binge-watch a new K-drama show with #NoShame. I speak as a self-confessed K-drama newbie when I say this is some serious feel good stuff! I have always avoided watching Korean telenovelas because I knew I would get hooked, but here I am, finally letting my guard down, and indulging in a good binge-watch session on Netflix. Hit K-drama series 'Crash Landing on You' has taken over our radars as of recently, and if you aren't in on this bandwagon yet, we urge you to just give it a try. Check out the hunky lead guy Hyun Bin here, the unassumingly beautiful lead actress Son Ye-jin here, and a glimpse of where the beautiful story was shot here. (Don't forget to prepare some popcorn while you're at it!)

14. Give your bedroom a loving makeover. Just because you don't have a date doesn't mean you have to sleep in a dump of a room. Making your room a haven for self-love and self-care is crucial if you want to start improving your sleep and relaxation practices—both of which are vital parts of maintaining happiness in life. Check out our top tips for building the bedroom of your dreams here.