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Feel Good Podcast of the Week: Clever Girls Know!

Build financial wellness by getting invaluable advice from the founder of Clever Girl Finance—so you can ditch debt, save money, and build real wealth!

Times like these—we ask ourselves: how can we rise above the occasion and emerge better after? In an uncertain time and day where the COVID-19 pandemic has become a frightening reality, all we can really do is be our best individually, so we can affect positive change in our sphere of influence. 

Being locked down at home may seem anxiety-inducing to a lot of us, but in reality, a lot of us are still fortunate enough to be comfortably living with a roof on top of our heads, with electricity, food, etc. How then can we use this time wisely so that we get out of it as better people?

We say listen to podcasts! And one we love at the moment is 'Clever Girls Know!', a podcast about how women can manage their finances better (plus a host of other life hacks and tips).

During scary times like a global outbreak, we are forced to go back to basics—food, shelter, family. And one key ingredient we all must have during uncertain times? Money. While not everyone is an expert at this complicated topic, surely it won't hurt to learn how to manage it and grow it, no matter how 'late' in life we think it is.


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'Clever Girls Know!' is a podcast by Bola Sokunbi, a self-made woman who aims to empower women all over the world ditch debt, save money, and build real wealth. She is also a best-selling author, a money expert, a CEO, and Certified Financial Education Instructor.

In this podcast, she gives invaluable advice about handling money, and tackling normal day-to-day scenarios we all face, such as how to handle it if you make more money than your husband, how to save for a business, and how to handle money during uncertain times.

We can't deny the emotions that are attached to money, and they can vary from joy all the way to shame. Our goal is to attain financial literacy and stability, so that our finances becomes a source of joy and not pain.

Financial wellness truly is as important as all other aspects of our health, so little by little, why not exercise your brain muscles by learning these new tips and tricks you can easily apply to your daily life?

Clever Girls Know! Podcast

Listen here.

Must-listen episodes: 'Money Tips in Times of Uncertainty'; 'Tips on Managing Money in Your Marriage'; Having a Millionaire's Mindset'

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