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Here's How You Can Make Crystals Work For You

We've got some tips and thoughts on how to build that personal connection with crystals

By now, you’re probably immersed into the exciting, mystical world of crystals. It’s a steadily growing trend as more and more people jump in on buying and selling these metaphysical wonders. While I’m excited to finally see crystals go mainstream (imagine how hard it was to buy crystals back in the day), I find that people can sometimes overwhelm themselves without taking time to flex their work-relationship with their crystals. 

If you’re looking to tap into the healing practices of crystals, it’s important for you to build that individual rapport and experience with your crystal team to fully utilize that energy. Because, yes, it is a working relationship between you and your stones; like working with people, we’ll have different interactions and synergies depending on our unique ticks. 

For better or worse, there are no hard rules when working with crystals; its effectiveness lies in how well you incorporate them to your space and routine. In the meantime, here are some tips and thoughts on how to build that personal connection with crystals: 

These Brands Have Launched Collections Especially For The Crystal Lovers Out There!


These Brands Have Launched Collections Especially For The Crystal Lovers Out There!

Technically, you don’t actually need them. 

‘Not trying to be condescending, but just to set the tone right. Your intentions and personal agency is the single, strongest force to make things happen in the real world; crystals—and all other metaphysical tools, for that matter—work with your will, not the other way around. 

I say this, because I’ve come across many disingenuous sellers claim that so-and-so crystals can bring you money, love, success and so on. But in all honesty, all that you desire is still within your power; and while crystals do hold all those magical energies we desire, they cannot do the work for us. Keep this expectation in check, and the more mindful you will become with crystal work. 

Get to know your crystals individually. Yes, it’s a process. 

I’ve found that some of my most effective crystal partners are the ones that I patiently buy and experiment with for a period of time, before purchasing the next one. I take it home, cleanse it, then find it a personal spot on my desk; check how I feel around it, and see if I feel called to program it. By doing so, not only would you strengthen your intuition, you would also get a feel of how best to work with this crystal. 

I realize this is insanely hard for some people who are just so excited to work with crystals, and can’t help buying them by the dozen (I’ve done that, too). If that’s the case, my advise is to adequately separate the crystals into allocated spaces. Put some on your work desk, some next to your bed, your kitchen, anywhere you would likely interact with them uniquely. That way, it would be easier to give them special attention; over time, you’ll get some inklings that certain crystals prefer to be here or there, or generate a kind of feeling you’d rather have in another space. Feel free to move and regroup them as you see fit. 

Derive your own meanings and experiences with crystals. Then, go with that. 

There are now so many resources and guide books for crystal powers; to be honest, some of the information even clashes with another. This can be frustrating, especially when others insist that so-and-so crystal must only be used for this. But again, it boils down to your personal resonance; a personal story or interaction with a specific crystal trumps over any textbook description. 

For example, if you strongly feel that Rose Quartz stimulates your creativity, then it is a creative stone for you; it doesn’t matter how many people say it’s a stone for love. This is your personal relationship with it, and it’s a powerful energy to work with. 

Visualize your intentions for programming.

Crystals work fine even without programming and setting intentions for them. But if you have specific goals in mind, then this would be an efficient way to focus the energy. There are many ways to go about it, some as elaborate as creating a whole ritual, and some as simple as affirming the intention as you hold the gem in your hands.

Go with what feels right for you, but I always find that the most important factor is to be able to visualize your goal. Play it like a movie in your head: how does the scene go? How would you feel? Who are involved? Last but not least, does this scene feel good and right? The more tangible your visualization of the goal and outcome is, the better the energy can manifest it. 

The gift of time: for your crystals, and yourself. 

Of course, working relationships take time, lots of self-awareness and evolution. So there’s no need to rush into things. In fact, I don’t think crystals are much about being fast paced either. As an element from the earth, they appreciate the process of things, and honor the time it takes to create something truly beautiful. Think of how long it took for one crystal formation to harden, a lot more time to take shape and color. The same can be said for you and your intentions; it will take time to manifest. 

I admit, this is perhaps the biggest trap I fall into, along with many crystal aficionados. We often get carried away by the desire of an outcome, but we take for granted the little steps and miracles to get there. So keep working and evolving with your crystals, treat it as a time-out and therapy session. Change things up if you feel like it, learn some new crystal tricks and regimens; you’ll be amazed at what you will unlock about yourself.

Lead photo by Sasha Brown on Unsplash