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Metro Chats: Elle Adda Talks About Her New Metro Channel Show “Born For This”

The new lifestyle show is a complete presentation of what holistic health is—from our mind, to our body, to our soul

After living in a pandemic for three long years (and counting), all of us are bound to be tired, grieving, and stressed out. It’s important to take care of ourselves, to be kind to ourselves, and to practice self-love, self-care, and other things that will fill our cup, that will make us feel whole again. 

A new show on Metro Channel, hosted by humanitarian and triathlete Elle Adda, hopes to accomplish just that: share and develop lifestyle practices to help individuals live a life full of vitality and vibrance. 

Elle, who also stopped by Metro Chats in March, conceptualized and created Born For This after moving to Puerto Galera with her fiancé, following different health conditions that they’ve had.

“It’s all about developing an extraordinary life by developing the things that matter most,” she said on Metro Chats.

Elle Adda hosts 'Born For This,' airing now on Metro Channel—a show where soul meets science
Elle Adda hosts 'Born For This,' airing now on Metro Channel—a show where soul meets science | Photo: Metro Channel

“We actually fled to Puerto Galera for our mental, emotional, and physical health,” Elle added. “The way that we lead our lifestyles now is not only developing certain practices that really helped us when we were in a lot of trouble, but what’s not only allowed us to heal from our previous conditions is also what’s actually allowed us to thrive and to actually reach a completely different state of health, strength, and happiness.”

Born For This, then, is all about sharing that and telling that story. “It’s set here in Puerto Galera, and I bring together the Fuel to Flourish community as well as different practitioners: a psychologist, a surgeon, a functional doctor, yogis, social workers, resilience and happiness experts, a breathwork specialist.”

“The reason I wanted to bring everyone together to do a hands-on workshop was so that people can give a complete presentation of what holistic health is, so that we don’t compartmentalize it—that ‘this mental health, this is physical health, this is nutrition, this is science, this is well-being.’”

“This is all part of this interdependent ecosystem and the show is all about spreading educational awareness on the things that we really should’ve learned in school on the human body and the human mind, and how we can actually use very, very simple lifestyle practices and incorporate them to allow us to reach optimal levels of not just health and healing, but being able to really feel vitality and vibrance and being able to greet challenges with more strength and resilience moving forward,” Elle continued.

In the workshops, the community members expose their vulnerabilities and share things that challenge them—“things that we don’t normally like to show to other people because we’re afraid of what they’re gonna think,” she added.

“It’s about authentically showing what the practice looks like in real life, whether it’s a meditation practice, or your journey through fitness or nutrition, or finding rest, or dealing with insecurities, or developing social connections. All of these have an important part to play in our health.”

Most importantly, Born For This features the stories of real people, with real testimonies behind each one. “Bringing together these people in this show has been one of the best things I’ve accomplished in this life,” Elle said.

“I’ve learned so much from just their stories. It’s really inspiring to just listen to where they started and how these practices have slowly changed their lives and allowed them to not only get through their challenges but allowed them to thrive and really flourish.”

Watch the full conversation: 

Lead photo from Metro Channel