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Feel Good Podcast of the Week: Deliciously Ella

We kick off our Feel Good series with a podcast that tackles plant-based eating, mental health, and saving the planet.

2020 has been filled with great energy so far, with people joining in on the goal to make this the best year yet! We're becoming more mindful of what we eat, what we wear, and all our other daily choices, plus—we're making the conscious effort to give ourselves a lot more TLC—all these actions leading to the path of self-care and self-love!


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This year at Metro.Style, we're starting our 'Feel Good' series every week, and here in the Wellness section, get ready for your dose of Feel Good Podcasts, Feel Good Playlists, Feel Good Crystals, Feel Good Instagram Account to Follow—you get the idea!

We'd love to share our personal picks on things that make our lives richer, things that make us happier, and basically things that simply make us feel good. There is enough sadness going on around the world already, so why not counter that by shifting our focus on what we can control, and focusing on filling ourselves with the things that make us happier, healthier human beings?

This week, we kick off our 'Feel Good' series with a podcast that I've loved listening to these past months. While I haven't gone fully plant-based, dramatically increasing my fruit and veggie intake has done wonders for my energy levels, my skin, and my bowel movement. 

And Deliciously Ella, a podcast by Ella Mills, a British plant-based advocate/chef/author and entrepreneur is one of those that help provide insights and informed firsthand experiences about navigating not just the plant-based life, but relationships, going green, saving the planet, mental health, and plenty more relevant topics we need to hear.

Ella does the podcast with her husband and business partner Matthew Mills. Ella does the podcast with her husband and business partner Matthew Mills.

Get inspired to live the plant-based life as it leads you to a more mindful way of living—and learn valuable lessons along the way! 

The Deliciously Ella Podcast

Listen here.

Must-listen episodes: "How Food Affects Our Mood"; "Diet Myths Unpicked"; "Plant Power: Eat Yourself Healthy"

Follow her: @deliciouslyella on Instagram


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