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Feel Good Podcast of the Week: Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

Tune into Oprah's most interesting conversations with some of the world's top thought leaders!

If you still haven't gotten into the habit of listening to podcasts, let me urge you to do so with these three reasons: First off, it's knowledge at your fingertips. There's a podcast for every sort of topic you might be interested in—all you have to do is browse around for one that fits your interests! Next, it's a great way to kill time you'd otherwise use stressing over things like traffic. And lastly, it's FREE!

How can we not avail of such valuable knowledge and information when it's practically being handed to us on a silver platter? Some of these podcasts contain conversations with some of the world's top thought leaders, the ones that have other people actually pay for to listen to. 

One such podcast that I've subscribed to is Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations—it's overflowing with vibrant, interesting, and even entertaining conversations between the queen of talk shows and some pretty big names in the world—think Lady Gaga, Pastor Joel Osteen, Journalist Malcolm Gladwell, and Tina Fey!



It's almost as if you're eavesdropping on their conversation, only that they actually want you to listen. Oprah gets candid in her signature endearing way, and discusses some of the most soul-enlightening topics around: discovering your love language, how our speech affects what our life will become, the new rules for living, and how everything can be 'figureoutable'. 

Think of it as unsolicited advice you actually need to hear today. And the best part? You get to have unlimited doses of it. Let you super soul get enlightened today!

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations:

Listen here.

Must-listen episodes: "Oprah & Joel Osteen — I Am: Life is How You See It"; "Oprah & Dr. Phil — Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World"; "Oprah & Dr. Gary Chapman — The Five Love Languages"

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