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How To Deal With Negative People And Situations

"Even the most negative scenarios are actually leading you to an experience of growth and life lessons."

Every day, whether we like or not, we are faced with much negativity that can take many different forms. It can be a negative co-worker, or a negative situation both at work or at home. These days, we easily get triggered by so many things at once, and if we're not mindful enough, we may fall into a toxic cycle of negative emotions that can be destructive to our lives in the long run.


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What then are we to do when faced with negative people or situations? While ranting on social media may be our immediate instinct (we admit: there’s an instant satisfaction from getting things off our chest on the world wide web), this act may not necessarily be doing us good. Apart from that, we also end up putting out more negativity into the world without us knowing (READ: your clueless followers now know about the negative situation and are also affected by it). 

We talked to the Happiness Doctor Lia Bernardo about her top advice for dealing with negativity. This, after all, is an inevitable part of life, and should be dealt with immediately—before further damage is done to yourself, your relationships, and ultimately your world.

Lia shared three of her top tips, each step talking about a task for introspection, because at the end of the day, no one can eliminate the negativity from your life but YOU. Read on, and get enlightened:

First, go inwards. You need to face the camera inwards and ask yourself what this person/situation is mirroring to you. This is always the first step because we always attract our mirrors. So make sure first. Chances are, this negativity is just a teacher pushing your pain points so that you can pay attention to something about you that you may not be addressing, seeing, or even denying and suppressing. Asking yourself questions is a great way to self direct. Ask yourself: “What am I supposed to learn from this?” “What part of me is like this?” And ultimately, “How do I love and accept this in myself?”


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Next is vibrational hygiene. This is where boundaries are crucial.  Who are you allowing into your space? Are you going to let even those you love into your pristine space if they have dirty feet? This is where ‘NO’ is such an important word. ‘No’ does not need to be followed with excuses. You curate the energy that belongs in your space and what doesn’t.

This is where you make declarations of you being a no-drama zone. Are you writing yourself into the narrative because you are entertaining yourself with drama? Sometimes we put ourselves in the line of fire. My philosophy is that if someone has a gun, get out of the room altogether.  Don't just stay out of the line of fire because that bullet can ricochet back to you.

Lastly is to raise your frequency. When you are vibrating at the highest possible frequency possible for you at any given moment,  you create a fantastic filter or force field against negativity. Bear in mind though that situations are only negative of you label them as such. There is a flip side to everything and when you start seeing that even the most negative scenarios are actually leading you to an experience of growth and life lessons, you will learn how to label everything as a blessing.

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