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Lou Yanong And Kiara Takahashi Share Why Self-Care Is Key To Becoming Your All-Out Best Self

As artists and modern women, former PBB housemates Lou Yanong and Kiara Takahashi rely on holistic self-care to stay confident and succeed in whatever they want to achieve

Self-care and self-love are concepts that we’ve always taken for granted as we tried to keep up with the fast-paced world. But as the world slowed down to a halt because of the pandemic, it became clearer to us that the concept of taking care of oneself is important to make sure that you’re always ready to conquer anything. At the end of the day, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

Former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemates Lou Yanong and Kiara Takahashi have embraced the value of holistic self-care to keep themselves in tip top shape amidst the challenges of this pandemic. And for them, holistic self-care means taking care of your body, your oral health, and your mental disposition.


Lou Yanong: Finding strength in your flaws

Confidence in humility, and comfort in neatness—these are the things that describe Lou’s way of taking care of herself. 

We all love and adore Lou for her amazing body and sense of style, which show in her projects and social media pages. While it seems easy for Lou to just be all-out in everything she does, behind the beautiful and confident woman that she is is actually a whole lot of humility and acceptance. 

“I would be lying if I said that I was always confident. I wasn’t. But everything starts within you!” Lou says. “I wake up and literally say, ‘I accept my lack of knowledge.’ It took a long time, but the moment I learned how to take care of myself, that’s when I started loving myself and my flaws—all my failures, even the things I lack. Accepting your lack of knowledge is powerful. When you truly realize that there’s so much space to grow, that’s when you can use it to your advantage and go all-out because you know you are a force to be reckoned with.”

This is why even though at times, when she would still struggle with self-doubt, she reminds herself that this only means she still has room to grow. 


“For me, you can’t just simply get over it. It’s part of the process. You will go through it,” Lou says. “One thing that helps, too, is that I keep a journal where I write messages for myself. Whenever I feel lost, when I’m about to give up, and even whenever I feel I’m at my best. I then just read them when I feel I need to remind myself about my journey. I just know that I have to take care of my mind, my heart, and my peace.”

Holistic self-care

Holistic self-care means taking care of your whole well-being—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Lou says that her love for art is what keeps her in check, especially nowadays when there is so much anxiety and challenges that trouble the world: “I love painting. I love how art can calm me down whenever I feel like I’m not my best self or each time I’m anxious.”

For Lou, self-care is also all-around hygiene. As a self-proclaimed neat junkie, Lou says she keeps everything squeaky clean and organized at home. Apart from taking care of her living space, she says that taking a bath and cleaning herself up is one of the most satisfying things she does in a day: “My favorite part of the day is when I have to get ready to sleep because getting rid of all the germs feels like heaven!” Taking care of herself from head to toe is also important—oral hygiene included. “That’s why I went on a hunt for a product that has all I need to feel fresh and ready anytime! Something that truly cleanses the teeth and protects my teeth and gums from cavities and bacteria. Having good hygiene doesn’t just help combat the virus or help you with your confidence; it makes you feel better. You’re more ready to take on the world when you step out of the shower right?” Lou shares.

Taking care of her oral health also compliments Lou’s passion for beauty and fashion, her first love. She says: “When you’re sure that you take care of your teeth, it provides so much confidence. Having a great smile completes any outfit!”


Kiara Takahashi: Invest on yourself to become the best

Kiara is such an amazing inspiration to many younger women. As a talented musician and a lover of surfing, she is proof that there is strength in having passion for what you do. 

She is also proof that what looks good, doesn’t always mean good. When she was inside the PBB house, Kiara confessed that she battled through her fair share of depression. “Self-doubt and anxiety has always been a part of me growing up. And I’m pretty sure that a lot of teenagers or even adults still goes through this stage. But I think it’s really knowing how to deal with it when it hits you and acknowledging that you’re going through it for you to know your next step and move forward. At the end of it all, it falls back to self-love,” Kiara says.

This has been the main reason why Kiara underlines the value of investing in oneself. She believes that investing in yourself first gives you the fuel that you need to become more confident, and be best version of yourself that you can be.


A passion worth going all-out for

All of this goes back to holistic well-being. Investing in yourself means investing on your physical and mental health, and overall growth as an individual.  

On a physical level, Kiara underlines the importance of having good hygiene in succeeding in anything you want to accomplish. “Having good hygiene and taking care of yourself is one act of self-love and care. Especially in these difficult times, we should be extra cautious about what we intake and use on ourselves,” Kiara says. “All these small efforts that I do for myself every single day is a reminder for me that taking care of my personal appearance, my self-confidence, and health are tiny investments that do pay off.

Interestingly, these acts of self-care spill over to her work as a musician. Kiara says that as a performer, it’s not just about the music that you do: it’s the whole package; it’s the whole experience; it’s the relationship between the performer, the stage, and the audience. That’s why being her best self in every performance is key in delivering the best experience for her audience.

“Music is my core,” Kiara says. “All my achievements so far started from my passion for music and singing. And having good oral hygiene definitely helped boost my confidence when I perform in front of a large or small audience. As an artist, my bright smile enables me to go all out, both behind and in front of the curtains. My smile is the first thing my audience sees, and having fresh breathe is truly an essential part of the meet and greets. All of it grants me that confidence that emanates from within.”

Lou and Kiara: A good support system

Holistic well-being can only be achieved through holistic self-care. Taking care of every facet of your being acts as a fuel to enable you to gain the confidence that you need in life, and go all-out in everything that you need to do.

For Kiara and Lou, expressing themselves through their craft and work as artists is a dream come true. And having the right people and things to enable them to keep living this dream is the key to staying on top of their game.

With so much riding on their health and well-being, Kiara and Lou rely on the new Closeup All Around Fresh to bring them that confidence boost. Just like how they give their 110 percent in everything they do, Closeup doesn’t hold back in delivering the freshness and all around care it promises. It contains anti-bacterial properties, fluoride, and deep-cleaning silica that lifts plaque and guards your teeth against cavities. 

When you’re sure that you’re well taken care of, you will feel the difference; you will feel that you’re ready to conquer the world. Indeed, overall self-care and self-love will go a long way in keeping you motivated to pursue your dreams. In Kiara’s words: “It is never an easy thing to do, but just like practicing self-love, every little effort you put into, pays off. So you do you. And always remember that you got to be the best to attract the best.”