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Ask For Help: Hotlines And Orgs You Can Reach Out To For Mental Health Support

Check out these organizations and charities who are offering free online and face-to-face consultations for your mental health concerns

World Mental Health Day is observed annually on October 10 with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health matters and relevant advocacies pertaining to psychological well-being. It is a worldwide initiative that aims to impact the various sectors of society and above all, the vulnerable.

Today, as we observe the movement, we call on each and everyone who is seeking for a safe space to take the heavy load off their hearts and reach out to people or professionals who are ready to listen. Remember, it’s okay to not be okay. We narrowed down the names of organizations and groups that are offering free services and facilities, and pro bono programs.

Here are the mental health providers in the Philippines that you can connect with for your concerns:

1. National Center for Mental Health (Crisis Hotline | Free |24/7)

The National Center for Mental Health is a psychiatric facility in the Philippines.

Address: 9 Pebrero St., Mandaluyong City, National Capital Region (NCR) 1550

Contact: 8-531-9001 (local 290); 0977-244-0200; 0977-244-0202; 0977-244-0215

2. Philippine Mental Health Association Online Support (Crisis Hotline | Free | Monday to Saturday, 8:00-5:00 PM)

The Philippine Mental Health Association Online Psychosocial Support project is a “safe space” where people having mental health concerns can consult and receive counseling. 

Contact: 0917-565-2036

Email Address:

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3. UPD PsychServ (Crisis Hotline | Free | Monday to Sunday, 9:00-5:00 PM)

University of the Philippines Diliman PsychServ provides telepsychotherapy programs and/or services to anyone affected by the current COVID-19 crisis, specifically the frontliners, COVID-19 patients, and their families. 

Contact: 0916-757-3157; 0906-374-3466

Email Address:

4. Mind Matters by the Philippine Psychiatric Association (Crisis Hotline | Free)

Frontliners can consult for free at the Philippine Psychiatric Association. 

Contact: 0918-942-4864

Email Address:

5. PsychConsult, Inc. (Crisis Hotline | Free)

PsychConsult, Inc. is offering free online counseling sessions to COVID-19 patients, healthcare providers, Persons Under Investigation (PUIs), Persons Under Monitoring (PUMs), and family members of frontliners.

Contact: 0917-808-0193; (02) 8692-9844

Email Address:

6. Mental Health First Responders (Crisis Hotline, Information Dissemination | Free)

Mental Health First Response facilitates workshops for Filipinos and the general public who want to gain skills in and suicide intervention and prevention, including assisting anyone who may be having a mental health condition or crisis.

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7. Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Outpatient Psychiatry Department (Facility | Free)

Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Outpatient Psychiatry Department is a mental health hospital.

Address: Philippine General Hospital, Taft Avenue, Metro Manila, National Capital Region (NCR) 1000

Contact: (02) 8554-8400

Email Address:

8. Anti-Drug and Substance Abuse Council (Facility | Free)

Reach out to the Anti-Drug and Substance Abuse Council for drug rehabilitation.

Address: 51 McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City, National Capital Region (NCR) 1219

Contact: (02) 8870-1715; (02) 8870-1416

9. Manila Lifeline Centre (Crisis Hotline | Free)

Manila Lifeline Centre (MLC) is a counseling hotline that centers on suicide prevention and support. 

Contact: (02) 896-9191; 0917-854-9191

10. Mental Health Online Service by The Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association, Inc. (Information Dissemination, Support Group | Free)

The Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association, Inc. (PGCA) is an organization that offers online communication campaigns and support group systems to those who are typically affected by COVID-19 adversaries. 

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11. Psychosocial Welfare of National Athletes by Philippine Sports Commission (Crisis Hotline | Free)

The Philippine Sports Commission offers online consultations to Philippine athletes, particularly those who are affected by COVID-19.

Contact the commission here.

12. RenewHealth (Crisis Hotline | Free)

The RenewHealth project seeks to prevent and address drug abuse by expanding access to evidence-based and community-based rehabilitation, treatment, and recovery services.

13. Substance Abuse Helpline by the Department of Health (Crisis Hotline | Free | Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM) 

Substance Abuse Helpline by the Department of Health aims to provide assistance to anyone who is suffering from substance abuse.  

Contact: 155

14. UGAT Foundation, Inc. (Service | Free)

UGAT Foundation, Inc. is an organization that organizes and conducts training and counseling services for the indigent sector, frontliners, couples, and families.

Address: 2/F ISO Complex, Social Development Center, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan, Quezon City, National Capital Region (NCR) 1800

Contact: (02) 8281-8844; (02) 8426-6496; (02) 8426-6001 (local 4872)

Email Address:

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