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Mindflow: Creativity and Living Purposefully with Lea Salonga, Lia Bernardo, and Lee Grane

Mindflow Hosts Sara Black and Teresa Herrera took our guests through another session of open, honest conversation about creativity and living one’s purpose amid these trying times.

Another week has passed, and as we look forward to another week, we also can't wait but get excited for another session of METRO’s Mindflow, a safe space for thoughts to ease anxiety by having open conversations with friends, hosted by the lovely Sara Black and Teresa Herrera.

In the second episode of Mindflow, our hosts delved into the topic of creativity and living a purposeful life in these trying times. Special guests included theater performer and actress Lea Salonga, the 'Happiness Doctor' Lia Bernardo, and singer Lee Grane.

Almost two months have passed and we’ve probably read every book in our shelves and watched all the series and movies that were added to our online streaming list, but despite all the sources of entertainment we have access to, from the screens of our smartphones to laptops, there is that constant worry about the crisis that we cannot seem to shake off. Keeping one’s mind at ease is hard especially hard when we’re stuck in our homes, constantly trying to find ways to keep our creative juices flowing and our physical health in check.


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In this second episode, these notable women from the wellness and creative industry took us through an hour of a light and meaningful conversation about discovering more of our inner selves, by surrendering to the peace that comes with stillness. For starters, each of them introduced themselves in a very modest way—Lea as a mom, artist, a beginner in baking, someone who likes to knit and crochet, and a self-proclaimed Netflix addict; Lia simply described herself as a personal development coach that teaches people how to be happy; and Lee as a singer, composer, and a beginner at urban farming and gardening.

To get that much-need dose of enlightenment, and find out the things we all have in common with these wonder women, watch the Episode 2 of Mindflow below:

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