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Your September Tarot Forecast, According To Your Zodiac Sign

What do the cards have in store for us?

Welcome to the official first day of what Filipinos love to call 'ber' months! Eight months into 2020 sure has us feeling quite unsettled, some distraught, and generally confused. The global pandemic has not been the easiest to navigate for a lot of us, and feeling insecure about the future is a reality a lot of us face these days.

That's why no matter how the going gets tough, we turn our focus on the good, and look ahead with hope. Keeping our spirits and hopes up is key to traversing a critical time such as a pandemic, so we've been turning to all sorts of enlightening practices and activities since this quarantine began—listening to educational and inspirational podcasts, engaging in enriching DIY projects, and more.

Tired? Us Too. Pandemic Fatigue Is Real—But You Can Protect Yourself From It


Tired? Us Too. Pandemic Fatigue Is Real—But You Can Protect Yourself From It

Today, we spoke to Mariz Guico of The High Priestess, a Tarot reader, and asked her our burning questions about what lies ahead, what invaluable advice she can give, and how we can come out of this strong. Read ahead for today's dose of enlightenment:

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Metro.Style: Please share with us how you have been doing your practice amidst this pandemic. Who is your clientele?

Mariz Gueco: Reading lots of books about both Astrology and Tarot has been a good meditative and grounding practice in this pandemic. It not only honed my skills but it also helped me reconnect with my Higher self which was and still is the purpose of Tarot reading for me. I don’t really have a specific clientele as I don’t want to limit my purpose of helping other people. I have clients from all over the world! I aim to reach people from every walk of life who are in need of guidance, peace, and clarity. 

MS: What can people who aren't in the know about these spiritual practices do to be able to relate to your advice/forecast?

MG: Believe that every one of us is going through the same journey and should always be in alignment with ourselves. Everyone can benefit from a bit of wisdom—and tarot reading offers that, for you.

MS: Can you give us a general forecast for our readers for September?

MG: I’ll be happy to do a reading for all the signs so that every reader can relate on the forecast for this coming September basing on their zodiac signs. Feel free to check them below: 

September 2020 Forecast

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This is going to be an eventful month for you, my fiery friends! Virgo season is here, and all of us will use its force to focus, and meditate on our desires! The first half of the month, will be a bit stressful for you, because you are going straight into something you want, and is going to be a disagreement with a lot of people in the process. Due to this, you may decide to keep your peace, and just leave it all behind even with how painful the process can be. But with your fiery attitude, you’ll step up and know your worth in the process! The last half of September, will be all about you—what makes you who you are, and what makes you happy (like lots of pampering, 'cause you deserve it). You’ll take charge of how you’ll make the best of the situation and you’ll triumph on it! Happiness, freedom, and wish fulfillment will all come your way.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’re persevering and not giving up with the things that you want, my air friends! In the beginning of the month, you’ll gain clarity over something that you have been stuck on for months; this will get you instantly moving and working on your plans. Along the way, your emotions will be tested and you need to have a balanced mindset, and pick your battles.

You must be in touch with your emotions and be rational with decisions. You’ll be flourishing half of this month and the angels want you to give more in order for the things that you manifest to come forward. Remember that we always receive two folds of what we give—practice gratitude, which is the first important rule in manifesting! Before this month ends, lots will be celebrated!

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Earth signs: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn

You’re feeling a lot of pressure this month, my earthies! You’re feeling a lot closer to your dreams but it still seems so far away—do not be discouraged! Reflect more on this month—maybe there are things that you’re carrying which makes this process slower. It’s okay to feel, and know that there’s still some healing to do. Don’t sulk, be kind to yourself! 

You might feel like running away from everything and everyone, but have patience. The universes are guiding things for you. Before this month ends all of the things you have been through will give answers!  You’ll find that all of this made your journey a lot more meaningful. Buckle up! This will be your ride of a lifetime, stay focused.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This is the time to be assertive, with the things that you want to manifest on your life, my fellow water signs! You’ve stayed through this journey and come out stronger than ever! The first half of your month will all be about planning where you want your life to go to next. The angels want you to be bold and trust that they’ve got your back.

You’ll find that by the middle of this month, the seeds you’ve planted are now growing roots and leaves—celebrate these little victories! There’s a lot that has happened in your life and it’s all happening for you, celebrate your journey! Before this month ends there will be a transition or transformation in regards to a partnership that you have, whether business or romantic. Drop off all the old ways, and make space for the new! This is going to be a brand new renewal of energies that will last the end of time.

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MS: Any other words of advice or words of wisdom for our readers?

MG: There’s always a light through a time of darkness. Have faith in what the universe has in store for us—learn during the process, recognize, and break patterns. We are coming onto the verge of a new age and every one of us has a role to play, not just in our lives—but in the world we live in!

For personal readings, follow @thehigh_priestesss and our FB Page which is Tarot by Moon Child. Services and client testimonials are shown on the page.