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METRO Editors Share How they Move, Create, and Learn During the Quarantine

The Happiness Doctor Lia Bernardo shares tips on how to get through the quarantine by 'raising your frequency'. Check out how the Metro Editors are heeding her advice!

The community quarantine has given a lot of us more time on our hands, and with this lockdown lasting a couple more weeks, we can't deny the cabin fever and the anxiety creeping in slowly as the days go by. To combat this, we at Metro.Style always go back to how we can be grateful during this time, and how we can direct our energy towards making the most of uncertain times like this.


Take Care of Your Mental Health Amidst COVID-19 Threat

And because we want to keep our mental health in check as well, we spoke to the Happiness Doctor herself, Lia Bernardo, about how we can maintain happiness during worrisome times. We asked her for her top advise about navigating these unchartered waters, and how we can emerge better people after all this is over.

Lia shares that we must "Do whatever it takes to raise your frequency. Practice move, learn, grow, create everyday." Ahead, the METRO Editors give their own personal picks on how they create, grow, move, learn everyday during this community quarantine. Times may be tough, but we do know that taking action leads to positive things. Join us in making the most of this time! #AtHomeWithMetro


How to Help Make the COVID-19 Situation Better from Home


"Create is also about creating your own heaven on earth. You can declutter, clean up and sanitize your home or even do a little home improvement. You can even start a gratitude journal with your kids or decorate one especially for you." What are you creating today and in the weeks to come?


"Time to read one of those books you have bought a long time ago but have not read. Read a self-help book or one that teaches you a new skill or hobby.  Learning raises your self esteem and allows your consciousness to expand." What books are you reading and planning to read in the coming weeks?

Be with kids.

"Create, get creative, especially with the kids. Do artwork, adult coloring books or even board games." How are you spending quality time with your kids?


"Make sure you get some form of movement. Dancing is a great way to exercise and immediately makes you happier. It's the fastest way to raise your frequency.  You can also follow workouts online, and even yoga classes.  Try looking for a Nia class on YouTube so you can try something new. It's a great dance form that combines martial arts movements, yoga and dance techniques." How are you moving during the quarantine?


"Grow, prayer and meditation, spending time alone in stillness is a great way to nourish yourself from inside out and to develop your spirituality." How and what are you learning right now?


Psychologist-Approved Guidelines To Help You Cope In This Time Of COVID