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5 Reasons Why A Detox Party Is The Fun New Way To De-Stress

With the demands of day-to-day living—in between climbing the career ladder, maintaining a home, and rising above the pressure of living in a bustling society—we tend to lose our focus and accumulate high-value stress that can later on lead to anxiety and depression.

Despite our efforts to create a semblance of work-life balance by making sure we have time for our hobbies, stress gets in the way. Our minds end up clogged with negative aura. That’s when we stop and think, is this still healthy? I hope you already know what the answer is. Let’s drop our superhero tendencies and pause for a while to give way to rest and relaxation.

There are hundreds of methods that we can try to clear our minds and help get rid of unwanted thoughts and whatnots. One of the newest ways to conquer everyday tension and anxiety is through a detox party—yes, you read it right. Replace the booze with green juices and the rowdy music with soft piano tunes, a detox party is one surefire way to a healthier mindset and a happier vibe.

The Healing Minds PH concocted this special party that involves acupuncture and nourishing detox juices and snacks, in between bonding with your friends. Certified Acudetox Specialist Gisa Paredes, founder of the Healing Minds PH, partnered with Karla Reyes of Swizzle and Donna Pachecho of DPBM Training to come up with a detox party that could help provide a concrete solution to a holistic healing of the mind and the body.

Intrigued what a detox party actually is? Here are 5 reasons that will definitely convince you to try it:


  1. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and family. According to studies, wellness goals are achieved 8 times faster when done with a community. It helps people talk about their anxieties and fears in a comfortable setting without having to worry about being judged and misunderstood.


  1. There are toxins inside our body that need to be released before they can begin to affect our thinking. Depression can be prevented from occurring and recurring with the proper care. If you’re wondering, the detox is done through the ear—poking five needles on five special ear-points. This technique was originally discovered for addiction treatment, but practitioners later found out that it can also help in treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, and disaster and emotional trauma. This practice has shown a significant reduction in the use of benzodiazepine medication a.k.a. anti-depressants.


  1. The detox juices are unexplainably good. Despite the impression that these kinds of juices are supposed to be bitter and unpleasant, the cocktails personally crafted by Karla Reyes of Swizzle are the exact opposite. On the cocktail menu are three super juices that are meant to target the heart, the liver, and the kidney.


  1. The immense benefits of this detox can easily make you want to book a party immediately. It can be as simple as being able to sleep better. Other benefits include increased productivity, reduced tension in muscles for better work flow, promotion of growth hormones, and release of psycho-emotional blocks without talk therapy, to name a few.


  1. You won’t sweat in planning the party. The Healing Minds PH team will do the work for you. From the actual acudetox to the serving of the food, all is taken care of. All you have to do is to relax and enjoy this moment of peace and quiet.


It doesn’t take much effort to start shifting our focus from the bad to the good. All it takes is just one good reason to start consciously changing the way we handle stress and anxiety.

To book your detox party, contact DPBM Training via email or via mobile phone (0977) 012-5842.