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7 New Ways To Beat Stress Today

Living in an urban environment where toxicity of all sorts is rife, we can’t simply shrug off all the things that cause us stress. Just thinking about them is enough to make us roll our eyes. But no matter how exasperating the world may be, there are still countless ways to spare our already stressed eyes from rolling.

This is where the importance of de-stressing comes in.

While it may be impossible to control the society we live in, we can still wrap our fingers around the way we think and deal with these stressors. Meditation, for example, is a foolproof method to eliminating negative thoughts and even actually releasing pressure points in our body. But there are other interesting new ways you can try in order to gracefully beat stress one day at a time.


1. Throw an AcuDetox Party

Detox, sure. But pairing it with ear acupuncture? Revolutionary. The AcuDetox Party has been known to help those struggling with anxiety. Ear acupuncture targets points that are strongly connected to our organs with high emotional sensors. Liver is associated with anger, while the lungs are associated with grief. Kidneys, on the other hand, are closely linked to fear. AcuDetox focuses on these points that are supplemental for releasing stress.

The AcuDetox Party comes complete with a set of refreshing detox juices and snacks served after the administration of acupuncture.

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2. Do yoga in the office

We all know how tight and demanding our work schedules can be, even little trips to the gym are difficult to commit to. Good thing, this innovative world surprises us with alternatives like office yoga, for example.

To avoid the hassle of going to a yoga studio, you can do an easy yoga routine during your office break time. Thanks to yoga’s calming benefits, this can make a huge impact on the way you do your work. Office yoga is not only beneficial for your health, it may also help increase productivity and efficiency—which means less stress! Just don’t let the thought of doing yoga in the office scare you off, especially when you think of bending and stretching in front of your officemates or, well, bosses. It may actually be a good thing to try it with your workmates, as a way to build relationships and strengthen mental connection.

Try the following office yoga poses that are subtle in form and won’t freak out the person sitting beside you (if he/she doesn’t want to join you, that is):


Desk Shoulder Opener


Forward Fold


Seated Backbend


Wrist Release


3. Declutter à la Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo, the famous Japanese organizing consultant, made her name through her bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering And Organizing. Millions around the globe consider Kondo’s radical approach not only pragmatic but therapeutic as well. One major lesson she teaches is to place your hands on an object you own. If it sparks nothing but a mere memory of how it helped you before, then just whisper a little “thank you” and let it go.

Aside from promoting a minimalist lifestyle, Kondo’s style is also one effective way to get rid of excess (emotional) baggage. We are notorious for being nostalgic, holding on to every piece to remind us of our past, whether the memory is good or bad. But clearly, Kondo suggests otherwise. If the object in question doesn’t serve a purpose in your life anymore, you know what to do next. With less things to organize (and stress about), you have more time for some rest and relaxation, even if it means just plopping on your favorite chair and zoning out.


4. Make art

Our day-to-day errands seem to take up most of our time and energy. Plus, we have a tendency to dedicate our lives to our careers, ending up exhausted every damn day. If you really plan to change your lifestyle, you should learn how to detach yourself from your daily routine once in a while, by learning a new skill, for example. Making art is one great way to free your mind from all your responsibilities even just for a few hours.

Craft MNL offers classes like dream catcher weaving, basic drawing, collage-making, calligraphy, and a lot more. You can check out their Facebook page for upcoming classes that you can catch.

5. Listen to meditation and lifestyle podcasts

Aside from the magic of music and white noise, lifestyle podcasts can also help us get past our stressful days. Thanks to Spotify, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and inspirational author and speaker Joyce Meyer’s Enjoying Everyday Life podcasts are just within our reach. There are also insightful ones like The Daily Boost for your daily motivation and The Science of Happiness where research-tested strategies and recipes for life-long joy and content are discussed.

If you have trouble sleeping, you can also listen to sleep meditation podcasts like Sleep With Me and Hypnosis for Sleeping Deeply. They can help you battle insomnia and stop your active mind from racing with too many thoughts that keep you awake.


6. Find a third space

While the home or office may be your safe space, sometimes you need to be some place else to free your mind. A third space can be your easiest bet in order to see things from a different perspective—literally and figuratively. It can be a quiet coffee shop near your house or your work location. Or it can be a nearby resort you frequently visit.

When you’re feeling a bit clogged up with deadlines at work and bombarded with monthly bills at home, having a third space can give you the assurance that there is a place that you can run to when you need a breather. Feeling a different kind of vibe can even help you deal with what’s stressing you out, giving you a clearer perspective.

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7. Try urban farming

Who says you can only do farming outside the city? There are countless ways to encourage your green thumb with easy-to-cultivate plants to grow at home. For instance, succulents are low maintenance plants that can keep even inside cozy condominium lofts. Keeping a few potted plants can divert your mind from whatever it is that clouds your thinking.

Aside from leafy plants, you can also grow in your backyard or balcony your favorite herbs like oregano, thyme, and basil, to name a few.

Symbolically, plants mean hope, as they spring back to life no matter how gloomy the weather may be.

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