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Beauty Resolutions To Make This 2018

New Year, new you? The first month of the year may tend to be a month of broken promises. Resolutions quickly start to feel like work, become hard to stick with, and are often forgotten by the end of the month. Yet, we continue each year because they make us feel better and help us adopt good habits.

And this 2018, why not up your beauty game? Transform your lives, but make sure they are realistic and doable. Here are simple beauty tweaks and little lifestyle improvements that are a snap to maintain—and a lot more actionable.


Get more beauty sleep.

Beauty sleep is really the key to your skin’s health. Remember, as you sleep, your body repairs itself, so make an effort to make a good night’s sleep a priority. And here’s a tip: Just be sure to wash your face before you hit the pillow because even the slightest residue on the skin can trap free radicals and bacteria, causing fine lines, discoloration and acne.


Clean makeup brushes.

For sure, brushes full of dirt won’t do any good to your complexion, and can clog pores and cause breakouts. Make a vow to regularly clean your brushes once a week to get rid of lingering bacteria.


Give your cuticles some TLC.

Often neglected, you should never forget your cuticles. Start the new year by treating your cuticles with a weekly treatment of massaging them with a cream. They relieve dryness, repairs, and protects cuticles.


Protect your hair color.

Protect and prolong your hair color by treating it weekly with a mask. Well-dyed hair doesn’t come cheap, and we put our mane through the ringer every time we blowdry, straighten, curl and style them.


Try something different.

Most of us girls easily fall into a makeup routine and stick with it, it’s a sentiment we completely understand. But sometimes, why not try to step out of your comfort zone? Dare yourself to try new things—whether it’s a new eyeshadow shade or lipstick. With this, you may discover a new product that may be a part of your 2018.


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