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Healthful, Helpful Oils

We’re letting you in on our latest health and beauty obsession— oils! There are “miracle oils” out there—with properties that offer a wealth of uses. And they’re available right in your pantry! 





1st place: VIRGIN COCONUT OIL a.k.a. VCO 

1. Oil-pulling 

How: Oil-pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that is said to pull out toxins from your mouth and entire system. When you wake up in the morning, put one tablespoon of VCO in your mouth and swish it around like you would normally do with mouthwash. Do this for 20 minutes and then spit it out. Best done on an empty stomach. 

The result: Oil-pulling is said to help with oral health, lessen migraines and other pains, detoxify your system, and strengthen your teeth and gums. 

Moisturizing How-To: VCO is a great natural choice for your skin and hair. Apply a small amount all over your body and hair once a week to give it a moisture boost. 

The result: Applying VCO on your skin could help with rashes, lessen skin irritation, and avoid infection. 


2. Energy supplement 

How: Virgin coconut oil is high in MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides. MCTs give the body a source of energy that burns the fat for energy, rather than storing them (which processed carbs do). You can mix one tablespoon of VCO with your morning black coffee with Stevia or coco sugar as sweetener. For an instant energy boost, take VCO 30 minutes before a workout. 

The result: Immediate energy minus the crash you get after high sugar intake. 


2nd place: CASTOR OIL 

This is a type of vegetable oil that’s been around since ancient times for a wide variety of uses. Its natural laxative property helps move bowel in as little as 2-6 hours. Its anti-aging properties is also something to love. When applied topically, castor oil helps restore collagen, promoting skin elasticity. It can even help relieve acne— the oil contains ricinoleic acid that fights acne-causing bacteria. Lastly, castor oil can help reduce stretch marks when applied on the skin during the last two months of pregnancy due to its fatty acids. 



Sunflower oil is best used for making blemishes fade. Apply on affected areas before bed, and within a couple of days, results are already visible. It is also great for lightening under eye circles, moisturizing the face and softening underarm skin. It’s also a great makeup remover! 




They have remarkable healing properties. Try these scents and feel better—fast! 


If you need a confidence-booster: Bergamot

The fresh, lively, and sweet scent that comes from this citrus fruit creates a feeling of joy and gives a boost of energy by improving the circulation of blood. 



If you need better sleep


A popular choice in baths, room sprays, perfumes, lotions and massage oils, lavender has a sweet, floral aroma that soothes the mind and invites you to relax and find your center of calm. 


If you need to feel sensual: Ylang Ylang

The intense sweet, floral scent gives off an almost narcotic aroma that can spike up your libido. It is said to relax both body and soul, easing anxieties and chronic stress as well. 


If you need to relax: Cedarwood

The warm, woodsy smell creates a calming environment that can give you inner strength and evoke a feeling of centeredness. Great for managing stress and feelings of hopelessness. 


This article first appeared in Working Mom June 2016 issue