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For The Strong, Independent Woman In All Of Us: Tricia Centenera Shares How She Started Scrub Talulah

Scrub Talulah body scrubs

Let it be known that beautiful things can start even in your darkest moments. That’s certainly the case with Tricia Centenera, who started her little body-scrub business Scrub Talulah as she was going through heart ache. “[My ex-husband and I] were separated, we went bankrupt, and I just thought I need to get into something!”, she shares. Having always been vocal about the importance of self-love, Tricia imparted the same philosophy to her decadent packs of scrub, which in turn she wants to pass on to other women.

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Tricia Centenera with her business partner, Cheryll Karim


Originally just a homemade treat for herself, Tricia’s body scrubs have become a guilty pleasure for many of her female clientele. With buyers from Philippines and Australia, Scrub Talulah has definitely found a place in the hearts of ladies. The name ‘Talulah’ is very special to Tricia, who has always been fond of the name for its fun, catchy sound; it has since developed its own persona, and eventually a brand.

“Talulah is my alter-ego!”, shares Tricia. “She also is every body else’s best version of themselves. Basically Talulah is a strong, independent woman, who is like, “I don’t need a boyfriend. I don’t need a husband!” She laughs at herself as shares this detail, imparting a maternal glow. Tricia may be expecting her first child in the next few months, but she wants Talulah to carry on the dream of a free-spirited woman, unshackled by heartbreak and always inspiring.


Metro Channel host Tricia Centenera juggles her show and her business


Talulah label cards with words of wisdom


Made with the best, natural ingredients, like Philippine dark-roast coffee, Australian lavender, sea salt and virgin coconut oil, Scrub Talulah is as holistic as it gets; free from any harmful preservatives or parabens, but ensures your skin is smooth and nourished. Last but not least, it’s also 100% made in the Philippines.

Scrub Talulah currently has two body scrub packs, the ‘Love At First Sight’ classic coffee scrub, and ‘Ooh La Love’ the coffee and lavender scrub. The company will be celebrating its one-year anniversary this October. But there’s also exciting developments this month, now that Tricia’s Talulah brand has expanded to the dress rental business with Talulah’s Closet. What other exciting plans is Talulah up to in the future? We’ll just have to wait and see!



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Lead photo from @triciacentenera

Photos by Kim Wee Ebol of Spotlight Creatives