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Nailed It: Heart Evangelista Makes Us Want To Experiment With Nail Art

In ancient times, sporting nail art in Egypt and China was a symbol of social hierarchy, since colored nails were reserved for only the upper class and royalty. However, these days, nail art has become a must-have accessory in and out of the beauty world for women, and even men!



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In the past few years, nail art exploded in the beauty scene as the it accessory among Hollywood stars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Alexa Chung, and Zooey Deschanel. Celebrity nail artists are in demand, now more than ever before, with nail art lovers sparing no expense to up their style game by spending more money for lavish polish and nail treatments. Extravagant designs, including glitter, handpainting, caviar texture, holographic and metallic touches, stickers, matte finishes, and even real gemstones are all the rage with today’s celeb nails. 



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Today, probably one of our top #nailinspo in the local scene is no other than the rising global fashion icon, Heart Evangelista. Just one peek at Heart’s Instagram account, and you’ll find all the nail art inspiration you’ll ever need. Check out this gallery for further proof on some of the best she’s graced us with:


We know we can’t get enough, and neither can you! For more insider details, we talked to Eira Coline Resurreccion, the Junior Marketing Officer of Extraordinail Salon and Skin Care, the nail salon behind Heart’s prettiest manicures to give you an idea of the nail art process. 


Metro.Style: How did Heart become one of your clients? How was it like working with her?

Eira Resurreccion: It all started through Instagram. I messaged her asking if she could come and visit our salon and little did I know she was able to read my message. To my surprise, a few days later she did come by the salon and that was it. It was actually a whirlwind of emotions, excitement and happiness. Heart was actually very friendly which helped me and my staff to work very well with her. It was for the love and appreciation of art, which I think is one of the many reasons why we both get along.


MS: How does Heart choose her nail art? Do you have pegs for her or she sends you her preferred designs? 

ER: Heart is actually the one who sends me the designs she want, but of course we still add a touch of Extraordinail. Every design we make with Heart is a combination of different ideas. 


MS: What is the process of making the nail art?

ER: Heart usually schedules her appointments three days prior her actual appointment. She would send us the designs that she wants and then if she sends two or three, we prepare all of the necessary colors, stones and candies that are suited with the designs that she want. On the day of the scheduled appointment, she then chooses her final design and we proceed with the nail art which takes roughly about 2-3 hours.


MS: What are some of her favorite design/trends?

ER: One of the many favorites’ Heart has is that of her wedding nails. She was the first celebrity that had/used not any ordinary Swarovski, but real diamonds on her nails.



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MS: Where do you see the future of nail art going?

ER: Every year we start it off differently, we always try to innovate the previous designs and nail arts that we do. However, I think most women will be using real diamonds rather than Swarovski combined with a more intricate design that is suited for one’s personality.


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