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Check Out This Holistic 5-Day Retreat To Detox Your Body And Mind

In need of a holistic detox to recharge your body and mind? The Farm at San Benito's comprehensive 5-day retreat might just be what you need.

Many illnesses and physical pains are caused by toxins that stay in and harm the body. A toxic body is prone to obesity, digestive disorders, diabetes, depression, and even cancer. These toxins come from a lot of sources—largely from the environment, chemicals we use, and the things we ingest. Polluted air, food preservatives, chemicals from laundry detergents and cleaning agents, and even microwave radiation all contribute to the toxifying of the body.

This is why it is essential to clean and detoxify the body regularly to get rid of these chemicals that harm the body and disrupt its regular functions.

With the help of Dr. Rommel Tinion, Medical Director of The Farm at San Benito, the Detox D’Lite program was born to provide a yearly cleansing treatment for the facility's guests. Dr. Tinion and his team have spent years to perfect the art of detoxification, creating various programs and treatments that cater to different needs. But for an overall detoxification program that will restart and recharge the body and the mind, the Detox D'Lite is a perfect, fool-proof option.



The Detox D'Lite is a 4-night detox retreat that offers a full immersion to clean living. It comprises of medically guided fasting and medically supervised treatments and services to make sure that you're only going through the best and safest methods to eliminate the toxic and harmful substances trapped in your body.

Of course, of equal importance is one's mental and spiritual well-being—so the Detox D'Lite also makes sure to include activities and programs that will tap these areas.

The Detox D'Lite program starts at P70,000++ per person, and is inclusive of the whole detox program, 5 days and 4 nights of accommodation, full-board healthy meals, and daily mind and body activities designed to bring you to optimal levels of health, jumpstart your journey to sustainable weight loss, and restore your youthful glow.

The Farm at San Benito has been famous for their various wellness and health programs that it has been a favorite of many Filipino celebrities, too. Iza Calzado, the ambassador of the facility, frequently visits to get her regular relaxation and detox. Recently, artists Jake Cuenca, Troy Montero, and Aubrey Miles have also been spotted lounging at the facility for a much-needed recharge.



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The Detox D'Lite program is perfect for that overall cleansing and detox. But if you're not ready for this 5-day retreat, The Farm at San Benito also offers a variety of retreat options, depending on your needs. They also have a promotional rate going on at the moment, valid for Philippine residents staying from Sunday to Thursday.



Family Weekday Wellness Retreat – P15,000++ for 2 adults and 2 kids
Sulu Terrace – P6,300++ for 2
Palmera Suite – P9,000++ for 2
Palmera Glass – P12,000++ for 2
Garden Villa – P15,000++ for 2 Adults and 2 Children
Narra Pool Villa – P21,000++ for 2 Adults and 2 Children


Escape the city, disconnect from the stresses of the world, and let nature nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Check out The Farm at San Benito website for a complete list of their offerings and promotional room rates.


Photos courtesy of The Farm at San Benito