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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Talks About Self-Care And Why It Is So Important These Days

Practicing self-care these days isn’t always easy—and we totally get that. Most of us have a crazy busy schedule, have stressful jobs, are loaded with school work, or are just too consumed with technology on our hands to make time for yourselves. We often give, but forget to give to ourselves. Taking proper care of ourselves or having me-time usually comes last on the agenda. 


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However, there’s no rule that says you must carry the weight of the world on your shoulders—in fact, in these moments, it’s important to know when you need to take a step back and just be kind to yourself. It’s so important to also make sure you take good care of your body, mind, and soul every day, not just when you get sick. Learning how to eat right, reduce stress, exercise regularly, and take a time-out when you need it are touchstones of self-care and can keep you healthy, fit and resilient.



Fortunately, there are many things you can engage in for self-care. And if you need some reminders, just recently, we talked to actress and one of our #fitspirations in the local biz today, Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

Yesterday, she was launched as the newest face of Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa's Ulthera Youth Campaign. And according to the brand, there's nobody else more fitting than this lady to represent their campaign, "She's active, confident, passionate, and beautiful inside and out."—we couldn't agree more!



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To know more, we talked to Jasmine during the said event and here, she talks about some self-care lessons, ways on how you can treat yourself better, and her favorite treatments at Mecca. Check it out:


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Metro.Style: What are some ways you do to treat yourself?

Jasmine Curtis-Smith: "When I can’t visit the clinic and spa, I just stay at home. I found my own ways of pampering myself at home—such as I have my own facial masks and I have my own massager at home. So di ko na kailangan mag-book ng tao. I also sleep early and I drink lots of water. And with my skincare, its just really washing my makeup off, daily wash then moisturize."



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MS: Why is self-care so important to you?

JC: "It’s super important for me because I need to be always ready. Somethimes kasi hindi din naman alam kung kailan may work at walang work, minsang biglang sunud-sunod yung work namin. So when we can, we try our best to prep for that so 'pag may taping next week, my skin is ready. 'Di kami mahihiya to face the camera."



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MS: What are your favorite treatments in Mecca?

JC: "My favorite is the Aqua Peel. The same time that I'm getting the Aqua Peel, I can get a foot massage while lying down. I also get the laser treatment done for my legs and arms, and of course, the massage, the spa."



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MS: Since you love traveling, what are your must-have travel beauty essentials? 

JC: "There's the makeup wipes, the facial wash and there’s also moisturizer, all three are from Olay. I have bring a moisturizing spray for my face. And of course, there's always lotion, moisturizer and all the cleansing materials."



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MS: What is the best self-care tip that you can share?

JC: "Find and take your time kasi you need that eh. Everyone needs that, not just women but also men. Whatever gender you are, find and take your time kasi it's important so you can get back to whatever it is that you need to get back on."


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