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Korina Sanchez-Roxas Shares Her No-Fail Holiday Gift Guide—Plus, Some Beauty Secrets, Too!

We have less than a week to go 'til Christmas—have you finished your holiday shopping yet?

If you find yourself rushing to the nearest mall, still clueless on what gifts to buy—fret not. We turned to seasoned broadcast journalist, TV anchor, and social media influencer Korina Sanchez-Roxas to share her tips, tricks, and hacks on gift-giving for the holidays. In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, the Top 6 #MetroMostStylish2018 woman gave us the lowdown on how she stays sane and looks youthful this ultra busy season. For your dose of holiday beauty inspiration, scroll ahead!


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Korina's foolproof tips on giving gifts this Christmas:


1. Start early!

Korina Sanchez-Roxas: When you’re rushing [your gifts], you end up buying more expensive things, because there’s not enough time to think. I highly recommend that you start early—when you do, you can think of many ways not to spend too much!


2. Make it personalized.

KSR: You can make your gifts more personalized. I love caricatures and monogrammed things, like stationery with people’s initials.


3. Ask help from your Christmas elves.

KSR: Pace and plan! You can’t do what I used to do, losing my head from morning ‘til night, just wrapping and shopping. You have to have balance—and you have to rest! Distribute the work among your ‘Christmas elves’. You can’t do everything yourself, unless you’re just preparing for your immediate family.


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4. Have a theme for your gifts.

KSR: I’m sure a lot of us have many circles of friends—we have our highschool barkada, college barkada, work barkada, and business barkada. We also have our bosses, our business contacts, and of course, family.

What I do is I make a list of themes and categories so it’s easier to think of what to give. There was this year when I gave a book called "101 Things to Buy Before You Die"—it talks about the best kind of hairbrush, toothbrush, shirt, etc. That Christmas, I gave [my friends] a copy of the book, along with one item found inside the book, so that [my friends] will have one of the best things ever.



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5. Don’t forget your non-material gift!

?KSR: I’ve been spending a lot more time with family these days; I’ve been listening to their stories, which I never had the time to do before. Now, I attend and even host more gatherings, because I don’t do the daily grind of news anymore. Life is short—you don’t know what tomorrow will bring—so taking time for one another is really precious.






How to build your holiday wardrobe, according to this #MetroMostStylish woman



1. Korina’s go-to Christmas beauty look

KSR: To me, shimmer spells ‘holiday’! I like it on my cheekbones, on my eyelids, and even on my lips. It’s always happier when there’s something shiny.


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Speaking of shimmer, my high school friends and I have our yearly ‘pakintaban’ party—everybody comes in their shimmery glory! One Christmas, a classmates of mine came with lights up in her head. That was really fun.





2. This is Korina’s no-fail holiday wardrobe must-have:

Once again, a nice pair of shimmery shoes, because anything paired with those immediately turns into a Christmasy look!

Metro.Style Picks:

Clockwise: Attico metallic red shoes, Loeffler Randall bow-detailed mules, Jimmy Choo glittered velvet pumps, Prada scalloped metallc sandals, all available at net-a-porter


3. Korina's fashionable travel essentials

KSR: Whenever I travel, I try to bring these essentials:

1. My lavender everything—I’m addicted! I put lavender oil on my hands, under my nose, and behind my ears. I also have lavender spray for my pillow, lavender-scented candles, and even lavender perfume. I try to put all of those on before I go to sleep—and I try to bring all of them when I travel. It’s like setting the mood for a home away from home. 



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2. Sometimes, I bring my electric rollers because these definitely beat a blow dryer anytime. These immediately give you party-ready hair and even keep your bun in place. I’m glad I found a smaller set for when I travel.

3. Lately, for my skincare, I’ve been using my own line—K Everyday. I’ve decided that there’s a particular need for me, and I’m happy I finally get to share this with everyone!



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4. My portable steamer

5. And finally, my supplements—nobody likes getting sick!


Lead photos from @korina. Artwork by Butchie Peña