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Mother's Day Off: Non-Material Gift Guide That Moms Will Appreciate

A mother's work is never done, but it would be good to give her a break once in a while. What better occasion to give her some real me-time than this Mother's Day? Instead of gifting something material, why not consider giving her an experience? After all, creating memories is just as valuable as the shiniest trinkets. This does not mean you won't be shelling out cash, though! Trust us, these meaningful gestures will be greatly appreciated. And once you see her relaxed, happy, and satisfied—it will be worth it.


Here is a list of gift suggestions for Mother's Day.


1. Give her a full day of R&R. Every mom deserves some time to unwind and de-stress—the problem is usually finding the time to do it. Book her a spa day with the works. She will really appreciate some time to get a massage and sauna, complete with a scrub and/or a wrap. Let her experience the feeling of being pampered and taken cared of for a change!


2. Take her to a salon for a makeover. Mothers often think of their own needs last. Oftentimes that haircut, hair color, or mani-pedi is a low priority that gets pushed back for more urgent matters of taking care of the family. Give her that time off by treating her to a well-deserved beauty session at her favorite salon. There’s nothing like an awesome hair do and newly done nails to make her feel refreshed and rejuvenated.



3. Take her to watch a show. If she is a music fan, a theater fan, or a fan of performance art, chances are she has a concert, musical, or play that she would like to see—but may have been hesitant about the cost or schedule. Make the decision for her and book those tickets for her to watch. Better yet, why not make a date of it and take her out for dinner as well?


4. Arrange for lessons to something she has always wanted to try. Choose something that she wouldn’t ordinarily choose for herself because to her ever-practical mind, they may seem frivolous. Maybe she would enjoy a class in flower arrangement, calligraphy, pottery-making, or watercolor? Or maybe a workshop on singing or writing? Whatever it is, it’s never too late to learn something new or discover new talent—and she would have a whole lot of fun doing it!



5. Take her on an adventure. Give her that thrill and excitement of a new experience. Is she is the outdoorsy type, take her trekking, mountain climbing, rafting, parasailing, or even go-karting — something new and unexpected, and something that will give her that memorable adrenalin rush.



6. Cook her a meal. Why not dust off your apron and display cooking chops this time around and surprise her with a meal you have prepared. Whip up your specialty, or do a recipe of a dish she loves. Do not allow her to lift a finger even to help. A simple night off from kitchen duties would be appreciated.



7. Give her a personal retreat. Moms often have hectic schedules juggling work and family that their brains are usually working overtime. Why not give her some time to stop and smell the roses and turn her thoughts from everyday demands. If she's the type, she would appreciate a day of retreat for some introspection, to reflect on things or maybe realign her goals. Or, just some space by herself where she can be, to lay back and just have some uninterrupted peace and quiet. 

Photo by Auskteez Tran for Unsplash


8. Give her babysitting coupons she can redeem anytime. Now, this one need not require shelling out any cash because it would need you to give your time (which is considered a currency nowadays, anyway). Simply print out some coupons (Tip: Search online for ready-made ones you can use as templates) or better yet, write them by hand for a unique, handmade touch.


9. Give her a night out with friends. When was the last time she and her gang got together? Why not arrange for her to meet up with her friends for a night out, just like those pre-kid days. This would be a good time for her to redeem one of those babysitting coupons!



10. Take her for a full-body check-up. Busy moms may take their health for granted, but you don’t have to. Why not accompany her to have a check-up and to consult the doctor for any concerns she may be having? Of course, this need not be a once-a-year thing, but if she hasn’t had a yearly physical yet, it is a great opportunity to let her know how much her health and well-being matters to you.


We hope this list gets your creative juices working and help you think of something for the woman who probably will not have that much time for herself the rest of the year. The goal is to give her a well thought-out gift that suits her personality and interests. Something that would allow her to experience being herself and celebrate herself, without the guilt. Because it is Mother’s Day—and she deserves it!