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5 Spas We Keep Going Back To, And Ones You Should Treat Yourself At This Month

When it comes to month of love, it can be spent with those you cherish. Whether it is with a friend, a family member, a loved one or even alone. The core message to share is about practicing self-love. There are various options. Just by a quick hop, skip and a trip by car, plane, board or even staying at home. Valentine's day is engineered to remind humanity to take a moment for peace and rejuvenation.


Why spas are great places to practice self-love

There are 3 points of Self Compassion. One being mindfulness, being able to have an open, curious, nonjudgmental thought process, to not over think about negativity. This allows you to embark on a journey of pure experiences that allow you to focus on your well-being. Secondly, to be kind to yourself, to treat yourself, to put your aches and pains first. To say you deserve the care you put a lot of effort into matters of the world and your life. To recognize its time to self-love. Thirdly is humanity, to understand life’s roads of up and down and to make mistakes and allow the growth to learn from then. To learn from imperfections and that we do not need to put on a show to act perfectly. To enter a spa by yourself, or a companion shows self-love by allowing others to assist you in your physical, mental and emotional needs.  

The spa and wellness industry has grown to an $4.2 trillion Dollars worldwide for a reason, that can be embodied into the fact that we all practice self-love. The following spas are across the Philippines. They are available in packages for two but also available to go alone and enjoy solitude and a joyous day to reflect!


Amanpulo Resort, Pamalican Island, Palawan

The name Amanpulo came from Sanskrit and Tagalog. Aman means peace and pulo means island. True to itsname, Amanpulo is an island of peace, relaxation and wellness. 

The large spa is set on a hillside above the treetops with far-reaching views to the turquoise waters surrounding Pamalican Island. Designed as a tranquil sanctuary, the connected pavilions are made from native wood with seashell-lined ceilings and are interspersed with outdoor relaxation.

 Pamalican Isaland, Philippines | |

Services/treatments to try: The Aman Journey 3 hours which includes a steam, scrub, wrap, and signature massage (Purifying/Grounding/Nourishing), or a facial with the same options.


The Peninsula Manila

The Peninsula Manila Spa boasts the most modern treatments and facilities in the city. Looking out onto the glistening azure outdoor pool surrounded by lush tropical gardens, The Peninsula Spa provides a serene and modern environment for guests to revitalize and unwind. Mind, body and soul are taken care of to the highest standards from award-winning treatments inspired by Oriental, Ayurvedic and European methods to state-of-the-art training equipment at the Fitness Centre.

Ground floor, the Peninsula Manila Makati tower | Call +63 2 887 2888 |

Services/treatments to try: Couple Rooms offer the following treatments:

  • 3-Hour Sheer Bliss Package
  • 30 Minute Body Scrub Filipino red rice & ginger body glow
  • 90 Massage: Relaxing massage & Deep tissue
  • 60-Minute Facial: Anti-aging, Balancing and Soothing Holistic
  • Steam and Dry Sauna


Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La Boracay

The resort’s layout offers spectacular vistas of lush green scenery and azure ocean views from every vantage point. It is a haven for rewarding activities in and out of the water, with captivating kid-friendly pursuits, a variety of sea sports, fitness classes, tennis and indulgent spa pampering. Set in 12.5 hectares of lush grounds and hills Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La, draws inspiration from the origins of the Shangri-La legend, a place of personal peace, enchantment and well-being. A 5,714 sqm haven located on a rocky peninsula, looking across a private bay, the detached spa village complex is designed to be a sanctuary within the resort. |

Services/treatments to try:

  • The 90-Minute Scrub and Wrap combination 
  • Massages for Two - Get to choose two different or same massage treatments of the same time length


The Farm at San Benito

Regarded as one of the best medical resorts in the world, The Farm at San Benito is an eco-friendly, world-class medical spa destination. General wellness treatments like organic weight loss, beauty and longevity and environmental detox are provided. Specialised services like Diabetes Prevention & Management, Heart Health & Stress Reduction, and Integrative Cancer Care are also offered. All the treatments are offered under the guidance of licensed medical specialists.

119 Barangay Tipakan, 4217 Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines |

Services/treatments to try: "The Day at the Farm Package"

  • Refreshing welcome drink
  • Healthy Gourmet Lunch
  • Choice of:
  • a) Relaxation Massage; b) Holistic Health Consultation with Live Blood Analysis; or c) Acqua Lymphatic Treatment valued at P3,900
  • Complimentary participation in scheduled activities
  • Yoga sessions, meditation, power walks, raw food prep classes, afternoon wellness talks
  • Full access to The Farm’s facilities: swimming pools, mediation pavilions, and Pure Energy gym


Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

The Sanctuary Spa at Atmosphere resort in the Philippines is synonymous with Wellness. Their core belief is that establishing a balance between a healthy mind, body and spirit is the key to successful healthy living. They have a variety of treatments such as massages, facials, specific detox spa treatments and full detox programs, yoga, meditation and life coaching. Set in a tranquil tropical garden with streams and ponds, beautiful flowers and trees. Four outdoor pavilions have space for two guests in each, each with its own private bathroom. There is also a heated pool present in the grounds for watsu (water shiatsu) treatments and relaxation. Atmosphere also boasts a nourishing healthy living food menu. The health menu is the perfect complement to the pursuit of overall health and wellness and also a feast for your taste buds.

Maayong Tubig, Dauin, Negros Oriental | (0917) 7002048 | |

Services/treatments to try:

  • Day Package
  • Romance Package
  • 2-hour Signature Massage
  • Free floral bath


Bonus Spa: At-Home Solo Time for Self-Love Month

This is perfect for those busy individuals who can’t travel mid-week, and those who want to avoid the traffic and headaches. Also, these are great for those who want to celebrate with a sprinkle of romance yet within the privacy of their own home. It also works for those on a budget and who want to give their partner a treatment or for yourself. Alternatively, to hire a home spa service therapists. I recommend (@Zennyaapp) with a mobile app making it that much easier and a professional and safe choice.

Consider these tips on how to create a at home Spa Night for Valentine’s Day:

Tip Number 1:  Choose your spa space

  • Decide on the best area to set up your spa experience
  • Bedroom, spacious empty areas, you can also use your living room.

Tip Number 2: Spa services

(Products can be purchased at any shopping department store near you)

  • Purchase scented body oils
  • Shower gels
  • Body scrub in the shower
  • Flowers, bubble bath, or even a milk bath for those with a bathtub
  • Creamy body butter to moisturize your skin
  • Hair treatment (keratin or softening masks) use with clips or a shower cap
  • Plush spa robes & slippers

Tip Number 3:  Set the mood

  • Place candles all around your spa set up - For safety, do opt for flameless LED candles
  • Place plush blankets & throws on the floor
  • Silk rose petals on your bed, living area etc.
  • Spa music that can be downloaded online legally.

Tip Number 4:  Treats

  • Make chocolate covered strawberries. For calorie counters use my fave zero calorie chocolate from @waldenfarmsph@waldenfarmsinternational by Walden farms
  • Bring home gourmet favorite light snacks and serve them on a silver platter.
  • Put berries such as raspberries or blackberries in champagne or rosè I suggest my favorite brand available in the Philippines @stellarosa @stellarosaph .

Things You'll Need

  • Massage oils
  • Body Scrub / Body Shower Gel
  • Bath Products
  • Hair Treatment
  • Spa robes & Slippers
  • Candles & Silk rose petals
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Gourmet Light Snacks
  • Champagne / Rosé


Tanya Talreja is the President & Founder of GSD Spa and Wellness Development Corporation. She is an expert in Spa and Wellness Hospitality Consultancy. Follow her on Instagram: @tanya_talreja_gsd and @gsdconsulting. Log on to

Lead photo from Atmosphere Resorts